RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and KISS React to Trump Supporters

Many rock and metal artists react to Trump protesters, including members of the KISS and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.

As of January 6, America is witnessing events that have not happened before. While elected president Joe Biden‘s votes were officially certified, Donald Trump‘s supporters violated the US Congressional Building. Despite an intervention, protesters broke through the barricades and entered the building. The Senate was evacuated, and Vice President Mike Pence moved to a safe place.

Earlier yesterday, Trump said he would never accept the election results and that the election results were fraudulent. Trump encouraged thousands of fans to disapprove of Biden‘s victory and walk to the Capitol. Although he told his supporters that he would participate in the protests, he returned to the White House. The protests of Trump supporters have spawned turmoil and violence.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that the votes were stolen. But American judges across the country had not found a legal reason to invalidate the election results.

In addition, Trump could not provide evidence for any of these allegations, and the federal courts organized by both Democratic and Republican judges rejected the cases because there was no evidence for these allegations.

The victory for the presidential race resulted in Biden with 306 voters’ votes. Biden received 81 million votes in America, compared to 74 million votes cast for Trump.

After Trump supporters invaded the U.S Capitol and caused violence, many rock and metal stars posted on social media about this violence.

Some of those artists are:

  • Paul Stanley (KISS)
  • Tommy Lee (MÖTLEY CRÜE)
  • Alex Skolnick (TESTAMENT)
  • Dino Cazares (FEAR FACTORY)
  • Andy Biersack (BLACK VEIL BRIDES)
  • Mark Morton (LAMB OF GOD)
  • Robb Flynn (MACHINE HEAD)
  • Phil Rind (SACRED REICH)
  • Otep Shamaya (OTEP)
  • Doc Coyle (BAD WOLVES)

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