The 10 Best Firehouse Songs of All-Time


In 1984, a heavy metal group from Virginia called Firehouse began to make waves. The band comprised drummer Michael Foster, guitarist Bill Leverty, vocalist/keyboardist C.J. Snare, and bassist Perry Richardson. They were signed to Epic Records in 1989 and won the “Favorite New Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Artist” at the American Music Awards in 1992. They are considered very popular in Asia, notably in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Their popularity has also spread across Europe and America, which helped them release nine albums since their self-titled debut album was released in August 1990. Incorporated elements from several music genres, the band is known for combining hard rock and glam metal with lighter shades of pop-rock. They have been categorized as more on the heavy side after they had decided to let go of their lead vocalist Michael Foster in 1997. Their songs have resonated with many people since the first time they were heard worldwide, which has led to them being included on several lists that rank rock music songs from all eras. This article will be looking at some of the best singles offered by Firehouse through these past four decades. The band has released many songs since they were formed, and this post looks at the 10 best Firehouse songs of all time.

10. Rock You Tonight (1992)


The tenth song on this list of best Firehouse songs is “Rock You Tonight,” which was included in the band’s third studio album, Hold Your Fire. Leverty wrote the song while he produced it along with Roy Z. It quickly became one of their most popular songs receiving decent airplay in the United States. It is a straightforward rock song with a great beat and vocals, which many people have appreciated over the years.

9. Hold The Dream (1992)


“Hold the Dream” was included in their third studio album, Hold Your Fire, and quickly became one of their most popular songs from the album. The song was written by Leverty and Snare, while it was produced by the same two people who also co-wrote the song with each other. It is a straightforward rock song that delivered an inspirational message that resonated very well with their fans, who consider it to be one of their best songs.

8. Sleeping With You (1992)


The song was written by Leverty and Snare, while the band produced it. It is one of the best songs offered by Firehouse because of its unique lyrical content, which resonated very well with many people worldwide. The song’s lyrics tell the story of how a person does not feel comfortable sleeping next to their significant other because they are afraid that they might kill them. The song is still popular among many fans of Firehouse today.

7. Here For You (1995)


“Here for You” is a song by the American rock band FireHouse. It was released in 1995 as the lead single from their third studio album. It’s about realizing that someone is there for you, “and you’re not alone.” The song peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in April 1995. The song also charted at #12 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks and #6 on the Adult Contemporary charts.

6. Reach For The Sky (1992)


“Reach for the Sky” is was released in 1992 as the second single from their ‘Hold Your Fire’ album. The song is about realizing that you’re not alone, with lyrics like “I realized I’m reaching out to you / We are one tonight / So let’s break the spell / That silence has cast on us.” It’s a message that resonates very well with many people today.

5. All She Wrote (1991)


“All She Wrote” is one of the most popular songs offered by the band, and it quickly became a fan favorite around the world. The song tells the story of a man in love with a woman trying to convince her that he needs her in his life. He knows that she is the one for him because “She wrote it all over my face / She cried when I told her goodbye.”

4. Don’t Treat Me Bad (1990)


The fourth best Firehouse song is “Don’t Treat Me Bad.” The song talks about how someone can easily replace one man with another who will treat them better than the previous person did. They do not feel that they deserve to be mistreated and wish for a man who will always treat them right. It is a message that many people can relate to in their own lives.

3. When I Look Into Your Eyes (1991)


“When I Look into Your Eyes” was released in 1991 and quickly became a fan favorite, peaking at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Lewis and Snare wrote the song while Lewis produced it. It is a simple yet beautiful love ballad about how the narrator can see his future with their significant other just by looking into their eyes. Anyone who has ever been in a serious relationship can relate to the lyrics.

2. I Live My Life for You (1995)


“I Live My Life for You” is a love ballad about how someone would do anything in their power to make their significant other happy because they want them to feel appreciated. The narrator says their significant other “, It’s your world, I live my life for you.” This message is something that many people can relate to in their own lives.

1. Love of a Lifetime (1990)


“Love of a Lifetime” was the band’s debut single, and it quickly became an international hit when it was released in 1990. The song is about how the narrator lost his girlfriend to another man and how he believes that he will never heal from that pain because “Some wounds you can see, some wounds you can’t / And for every time I think I’m healing up, something makes me want to start bleeding again.” It’s a wonderful and heartfelt song that resonates with many people worldwide.


Firehouse deeply impacted many people’s lives with their songs, which vary from simple love ballads to more thought-provoking works. Some of their most impactful songs are “Rock You Tonight,” “Hold The Dream,” “Sleeping With You,” “Here for You,” and “All She Wrote.” Each of their songs had an important message to share. Firehouse is genuinely one of the best rock bands in history, and anyone who has not yet heard their music should definitely check them out.

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