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Rod Stewart

In 2006, Mark Wahlberg starred in Invincible, the real-life story of the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Vince Papale. The film’s uplifting message was well-received, taking $17,031,122 in its opening week in the US and earning glowing reviews from movie critics. As you’d expect of a film set in the ’70s, the soundtrack is a melting pot of the decade’s finest soul, funk, and rock. Here’s how we rank all the songs from the Invincible soundtrack.

26. One for My Baby (And One More for the Road) – Johnny Mercer

Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer’s One for My Baby (And One More for the Road) was first performed by Fred Astaire for the movie The Sky’s the Limit in 1943, but it’s Mercer’s version from the following year that made it onto the Invincible soundtrack.

25. Diamond Side Down – Ryan Franks, Scott Nickoley and Jamie Dunlap

Ryan Franks, Scott Nickoley and Jamie Dunlap’s compositions have featured on numerous TV shows and movies over the years, including Zone Blanche and Wrapped Up In Christmas.

24. Free Ride – The Edgar Winter Group

The Edgar Winter Group scored a top 20 hit in the US in 1973 with this Dan Hartman penned song.

23. Where Did the Time Go – Rick Riso

Rick Riso, a one-time member of the CCM group, Messenger, has contributed songs to numerous soundtracks over the years. As a bit of trivia, he also voiced the singing voice of Simon Cowell in Shrek.

22. My Rock and Roll – Fairechild

This next song was written by Josh Schwartz and performed by Minneapolis-based band Fairechild, who enjoyed minor success in the late ’70s and early ’80s with albums like Fairechild and Shadowland.

21. What is Real – Ellis Hall

Eric Hall has written over 4000 songs over his 5-decade career in the music industry, including this soulful treat from the Invincible soundtrack.

20. Caddilack Girl – Dylan Berry and Noah Lifschey

This next song from the Invincible soundtrack was the result of a collaboration between Grammy-nominated, Mark and HMMA-winning composer Noah Lifschey and Aria Award-nominated, Hollywood Music in Media Award and Mark Award-winning composer Dylan Berry.

19. Let It Ride – Bachman-Turner Overdrive

This hard-rocking jam gave Bachman-Turner Overdrive a top hit in January 1974.

18. Do It Til You’re Satisfied – B.T. Nicholls

This funky number was a huge crossover success for B.T. Nicholls in 1974, reaching number 1 on the R&B singles chart and number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

17. Autumn – The Steepwater Band

The songs from The Steepwater Band’s 2004 album Dharmakaya have been featured in numerous TV shows and movies. On the Invincible soundtrack, we get the slow-burning Autumn.

16. I’ve Been in Love – Johnny Coppola

Johnny “Rat Pack Poet” Coppola’s contribution to the Invincible soundtrack was the self-penned composition, I’ve Been in Love, which also features on his 2004 album Hollywood Indigo.

15. Fooled Around and Fell in Love – Elvin Bishop

Elvis Bishop didn’t feel his gravelly voice was a good match for Fooled Around and Fell in Love, so invited Mickey Thomas to sing lead vocals instead. The pairing proved a winning combination, taking the song to number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1976.

14. I Just Want to Celebrate – Rare Earth

Released as the lead single from Rare Earth’s 1971 album One World, I Just Want to Celebrate made it to number 7 on the pop charts, becoming Rare Earth’s final top ten hit in the US.

13. Do You Know What I Mean – Lee Michaels

Lee Michaels wrote Do You Know What I Mean after his ex-girlfriend had an affair with his best friend. A sad story maybe, but at least he got a top ten hit out of it.

12. Stranglehold – Ted Nugent

Like his politics or not, the Motor City Madman has made some cracking music in his time, including this hard rocking classic from his self-titled 1975 debut album.

11 How Long – Ace

Phil Collins might be one of the most divisive figures in pop, but few would take issue with his praise of How Long by British rockers as a “classic single.”

10. Drift Away – Dobie Gray

Dobie Gray is best known for his hit singles The In Crowd and Drift Away, the latter of which has sold over 1 million copies since 1973.

9. Feelin’ Alright – Grand Funk Railroad

Feelin’ Alright originally featured on Survival, Grand Funk Railroad’s fourth studio album from April 1971. Released as the album’s lead single, it reached number 59 on the Billboard Hot 100.

8. Funk No. 49 – The James Gang

He might be best known for his work with the Eagles, but Joe Walsh’s first taste of success came with The James Gang, who recorded this upbeat rocker for their 1970 album James Gang Rides Again.

7. Let’s Work Together – Canned Heat

Let’s Work Together started life as a single called Let’s Stick Together. Seven years later, writer Wilbert Harrison split it into a two-parter called Let’s Stick Together and Let’s Work Together. It’s been recorded by multiple artists over the years, but it’s Canned Heat’s cover that was chosen for the Invincible soundtrack.

6. These Days – Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne was just 16 years old when he wrote These Days, a song that would later be popularized by former Velvet Underground chanteuse, Nico.

5. Mandolin Wind – Rod Stewart

Described by All Music as “unbearably poignant,” Mandolin Wind is one of the few tracks in Rod Stewart’s impressive back catalog that comes close to trumping the magisterial Maggie May.

4. It’s Too Late – Carole King

This gorgeously tender ballad from Carole King’s seminal 1971 album Tapestry picked up a Grammy Award for Record of the Year in 1972. It’s since been listed as one of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

3. Do It Again – Steely Dan

Cash Box described Do It Again as a “fine commercial effort with plenty of potential as a hit record.” They were right – after hitting the shelves in November 1972, it took Steely Dan to number 6 on the Hot 100.

2. I Got a Name – Jim Croce

I Got a Name was released in 1973, just one day after Jim Croce died in a plane crash. A bigger, more grandiose affair than his usual low-key style of funk, the song charted at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 3 on the Cash Box Top 100. A favorite on movie soundtracks, it’s appeared on The Ice Storm, Django Unchained, Logan, The Last American Hero, The Lego Ninjago Movie, and, of course, Invincible.

1. Up Around the Bend – Creedence Clearwater Revival

In addition to Invincible, this classic rock song from Creedence Clearwater Revival has also featured in Remember the Titans, The Hoax, Red Dawn, and Free Birds, along with the TV shows, From the Earth to the Moon, The Wonder Years, and Hap and Leonard.

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