The 10 Best Mudvayne Songs of All-Time


With over six million records sold globally, Mudvayne is one of the most unique bands that you are likely to come across. The band’s sonic experimentation and their blend of nu-metal, progressive, and hard rock, as well as their innovative album art, is something that may never be replicated in the same way as they did. The band was formed in 1996 in Peoria, Illinois, and was composed of four members who had unusual pseudonyms. Gurrg (Greg Tribbett), sPaG (Mathew McDonough), Kud (Chad Gray), and Ryknow (Ryan Martinie) were the original band members. Their debut album EP, Kill, I Oughtta, was released in 1997, making them quite popular in the Illinois underground music scene. Their debut studio album, L.D 50, was released in 2000 after the band landed a recording deal with Epic Records. The album featured a series of interludes, a rugged experimental sound, and a sound collage. Mudvayne joined the likes of Slipknot, Nothingface, and Slayer for the “Tattoo the Earth Tour,” where they were able to promote L.D 50 and interact with other bands. According to sources, there was even a possibility of the band joining forces with Nothingface to form a supergroup. The album performed well critically and commercially, peaking at the top position on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart and position 85 on the Billboard Hot 200.

Despite the success of songs such as “Dig” and “Death Blooms,” which peaked at positions 33 and 32 respectively on the Mainstream Rock Charts, some people still found it hard to take the band seriously. A second studio album dubbed, The End of All Things to Come, which was an extension to their first album, was released in 2002. The album contained wider riffs, vocals, tempos and was essentially a “black album” because of the artwork. The album was more user-friendly compared to L.D 50 and is considered one of the best heavy metal albums of 2002. In 2003, the album was certified gold by the RIAA, proof that Mudvayne had finally come of age. The band took a hiatus in 2010 so that Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett could join Hellyeah on tour. The band’s hiatus was supposed to last at least until 2014. In 2015, Chad Gray admitted that a return for Mudvayne seemed unlikely. However, on 19th April 2021, the band announced that they were reuniting and would make appearances at Welcome to Rockville in Florida, Aftershock in Sacramento, among other appearances. This would be their first show since the band took a hiatus. Although there have been discussions among the members on creating new material, many Mudvayne fans can only hope that the band can reach common ground and concentrate on making more hits ( releasing a new album). However, we have to wait and hope for the best. Here is our pick of the ten best Mudvayne songs of all time.

10. Scream With Me


Most people believe that metal songs can never be emotional. However, I love this track due to its raw emotional lyrics, which are quite catchy. The video of the song is about hitting a breaking point due to constant disappointment from people. The instrumentals of the song are remarkable, and this is one of Mudvayne’s songs that you can never get tired of listening to.

9. Mercy, Severity


Although L.D 50 happens to be their most famous album, The End of All things To Come had more personality than L.D 50 and even the rest of Mudvayne albums. The undertones and overtones are pretty, incredible and Chad’s lyrics prove how good a lyricist he is.

8. Fall Into Sleep


It’s a shame that Mudvayne called it quits after quite a short time releasing great music for us. In this track, Mudvayne proves that they can produce great sing-along hits. “Fall Into Sleep” is one of their most compelling songs, and the lyrics are realistic to today’s society.

7. Death Blooms


“Death Blooms” is one of Mudvayne’s saddest songs. The song, which was written by Chad, reflects on how his grandmother was being neglected since she was becoming too old. The only person who cared about her was Chad. She took Chad to local choirs, where he learned about his singing talents. However, she passed on in 2005. The song peaked at position 32 on the US Billboard Hot Mainstream Tracks, proof that everything about the song, from the guitar to the bass, was terrific.

6. World So Cold


The video of this song is unique, and it features the band playing in a room full of people made of cardboard cut-outs. The song is a bit mellow from the beginning, although it builds intensity toward the end. “Word So Cold” is the sixth track from the band’s 2003 album, The End of All things To Come.

5. Not Falling


Until 2005, “Not Falling” was the most commercially successful single of Mudvayne. The song, which is featured in the 2002 movie Ghost Ship, talks about finding inner strength and never giving up. The song contains two official videos and one unofficial video. Chad Gray’s vocals in the some are fantastic, and the drumming is magnificent.

4. Forget To Remember


We keep gushing about Chris Gray’s vocals, but he must be one of the best metal vocalists to date. This song is significant to the band since it was featured as a soundtrack in the horror movie “Saw II,” hence gaining the band more popularity.

3. Determined


“Determined” is the first song from the band’s 2005 album, “Lost and Found.” The track is a blend of hardcore punk and thrash metal and is one of the most popular Mudvayne songs. The song is also a must-play on the band’s setlist during their live shows.

2. Dig


The opening scream at the beginning of this track is one of the best I’ve ever heard in metal music. “Dig” is the debut single from the band’s debut studio album, L.D. 50. The song’s video features some heavy metal artists in well-lit, vibrant images rather than the typical dark videos of metal music. This led to the video winning the MTV2 award in 2001.

1. Happy?


“Happy?” is arguably Mudvayne’s most fantastic song. It is contained in the band’s 2005 album, Lost and Found. This song replaced Mudvayne’s 2002 hit single “Not Falling” as the most commercially successful song in the charts and became the band’s signature song. From Chad’s vocals to Matt’s drumming, everything about this song is impressive.

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