Cobra Kai actor Tanner Buchanan is a huge metal music fan
Cobra Kai – Credit: Netflix

Cobra Kai actor Tanner Buchanan is a huge Pantera and Gojira fan, he says in an interview in which he also reveals that he used to cover Gojira earlier.

Now a successful actor, Buchanan is a fully-fledged artist, it seems, as he once played in a progressive metal band named Acidosis. In his interview with At LargeBuchanan revealed that he was a huge fan of Pantera, who also covered a lot of Gojira songs. Buchanan was also a fan of Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor. He revealed that he loved metal so much, in general.

Tanner Buchanan on Pantera and Gojira

First, he mentioned the band’s name, responding to the interviewer who asked him.

“My friend in the band says “I have a good name, Acidosis!” So the band was Acidosis. We played a lot of Gojira covers which I’m super excited about because Cobra Kai posted the show playlists on Instagram. Now my all-time favorite band is Pantera.”

Tanner Buchanan then went on to talk about the time when his heroes followed him on Instagram, revealing his huge love for those guys. He lived an “out-of-body” experience, Cobra Kai actor says.

“But my second all-time is Gojira, a French-prog metal band. They ended up following me on Instagram and I had a freak-out moment. I had been listening to them since I was 12. We knew all their songs. Played all their songs. And they followed me on Instagram. I had this out-of-body experience.

Gojira, they know who I am. They know who I am! This is my childhood right here.”

Tanner Buchanan also mentioned Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, and that the musician is one of those guys he’d freak out after the meeting. “He’s another guy I would just super freak out about if I ever got to meet.”, Buchanan said about Corey Taylor.

“Him going from Stone Sour to then Slipknot, it was definitely a change in pace. A band of four or five to a band of, what, nine or ten? And they’re all wearing masks. You’re like, what is going on? But I do enjoy the music. I just like Corey Taylor a lot. Corey Taylor’s my guy.”

You can also watch the season 3 trailer below!

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