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Corey Taylor on new album: “I didn’t really have a clear vision”

Corey Taylor interview for his new and titled “CMFT” album. SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman also his “CMFT Must Be Stopped” is the first single of this album.

Taylor revealed his debut solo album “CMFT“, and we felt it was fair to say that it would be somewhere between the in-depth of the SLIPKNOT band. For this album also is the metal-tinged anthem of his other gig, STONE SOUR. Also on July 29 of this year, Corey released two singles “Black Eyes Blue” and “CMFT Must Be Stopped” songs.

Speaking to Louder Sound, Corey Taylor also reviews his latest “CMFT” album:

“All the pretentious people can’t stand it. Or more to the point, people who hate fun. And all the people I thought were going to hate it, loved it. I love the fact I’m pissing in the face of the elitists. It’s basically me taking the piss out of my public persona and making fun of people who think they know exactly who the fuck I am.

I didn’t really have a clear vision for the record until I started putting the songs together. And by ‘putting the songs together,’ I mean figuring out what we were going to put on the album because some of these songs go all the way back. ‘Kansas’ is about 15 years old. ‘Samantha’s Gone’ is 13 years old. I can remember writing the first two verses of ‘HWY 666’ in 10th grade.”

Corey Taylor also talks about his latest solo album:

“People kept asking me about it; it came up in every interview and with every fan that I talked to. For a while, it was like, ‘No, how greedy can you be? I’ve got two great bands. I get to do pretty much any guest appearance I fucking want.’ Then the more I thought about it, I thought, ‘I’ve got all these songs that are really good. What am I going to do with them?'”

And added:

“I couldn’t have made this album 10 years ago. Because I was right in the eye of the storm.”

You can also order Corey Taylor‘s “CMFT” album here.

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  1. so we also want new SLIPKNOT album from Corey Taylor. This album kind of new style of American music with rappers.

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