10 Awesome Songs about Gold


Gold is a popular theme among many songwriters across the globe. With so many tracks, including the name “gold” in their titles, it is evident that humankind’s fascination with this precious metal has been immortalized in their songs, through the song title or in the lyrics themselves. Below we have compiled the top 10 most amazing songs about Gold, including tracks like “Gold Digger” by Kanye West, “Silver and Gold by Dolly Parton, “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young, among many others. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 most awesome songs about Gold.

10. Gold (John Stewart)


“Gold” is a single track written and performed by John Stewart in 1979. The song was ranked among the three Top 40 track singles. The song also became a top-five hit single in the United States, Australia, and Canada. John Stewart’s “Gold” song was featured in his solo debut album titled “Bombs Away Dream Babies,” which featured amazing backing vocals by Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac. Unfortunately, John Stewart had a cynical perception of the “Gold” song and often dubbed it as “empty” and “vapid” when performing the music in live concerts.

9. Goldfinger (Shirley Bassey)


The “Goldfinger” was initially composed by John Barry and used as the title song for the 1964 James Bond film; Goldfinger. Shirley Bassey’s version of the “Goldfinger” song climbed from No.8 to No.2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 hits and remained in the position for a maximum of four weeks.

8. Fools Gold (The Stone Roses)


The British rock band’s songs “Fools Gold” and “What the World Is Waiting For” are two tracks; The Stone Roses were released together as a single A-side track single. The “Fools Gold” song was the band’s first single to be ranked among the top 10 of the United Kingdom Singles Chart and maintained its position above the top 75 singles for approximately fourteen weeks.

7. Gold digger (Kanye West )


“Gold Digger” is a song by American rapper Kanye West, featuring another American singer Jamie Foxx. The song was written and produced by Kanye and Jon Brion and incorporated amazing vocals from Don C and Plain Pal. Generally, the song was entirely a success after its release, as more than 80,000 copies of the record were sold within a one-week release.

6. Gold Dust woman (Fleetwood Mac)


“Gold Dust Woman” is a song sung by the British-American rock band, Fleetwood Mac. However, the song was initially written and performed by Stevie Nicks and recorded as a B-side to the single “Don’t Stop” in the United Kingdom and the “You Make Loving Fun” track in the United States. Fleetwood’s “Gold Dust Woman” is featured in Mac’s 11th studio album, which was released back in 1977.

5. Heart of Gold(Neil Young)


“Heart of Gold” was written and recorded by the Canadian music artist Neil Young. This song is among the series of delicate acoustic pieces which were partly written as Taylor suffered a back injury. As a result, he could not stand for a long time and could not play his electric guitar, so he began playing the acoustic guitar, which he could play while sitting down. Taylor also included his harmonica play during the three instrumental portions, as evident in the introduction of the “Heart of Gold” song. The song performed relatively successfully, as it was ranked No.1 on Canada’s RPM national singles chart for the first time.

4. Band of Gold (Freda Payne)



“Band of Gold” is a famous track that was written and recorded by the former Motown producers Holland-Dozier-Holland (under the alias of Ron Dunbar and Edythe Wayne). The song became a major hit after it was recorded by Freda Payne in 1970 for the H-D-H owned Invictus label. “Band of Gold” song revolves around the story of a recently married whose husband is not able to love her and often claims that he is always tired. This resulted in the couple sleeping in different rooms on their honeymoon, to her disappointment. The husband decided to abandon the bride, leaving her with no more than the “band of gold” title and the dreams she invested in it. Moreover, this song was later re-recorded by various music artists.


House of Gold (Willie Nelson )


Willie Nelson was a well-known archetype country singer whose tracks come from the heart, as evident in the song “House of Gold .” This song was written by Hank Williams and produced by MGM Records back in 1954. Willie Nelson’s “House of Gold” song mainly talks about people who “cheat, lie and steal” in pursuit of earthly possessions rather than seeking salvation in God. Despite being a subsequent track single that he never recorded with his band, the “House of Gold” song is considered one of Hank’s most re-recorded track singles.

2. Silver and Gold (Dolly Parton)



Dolly Parton’s “Silver and Gold” mainly talks about a man’s encounter with an elderly man, who explained to him that, “Silver and Gold might buy many things of this world, but, will not last for long, he added saying that, “Silver and Gold cannot buy back elapsed time and time has a way of making us old. This track single was released back in June 1991 and was listed as the second single in Dolly Parton’s album titled “Eagle When She Flies.”

1. Fields of Gold (Sting)


The track “Fields of Gold” was sung by the world-renowned United Kingdom Artist Sting back in 1993. The most dominant theme in the song is about love, where the artist promises to show unconditional love to his lady in the days remaining as they walk in the fields of Gold. The reference to the “Field of Gold” is symbolic and brings about a deeper meaning, where there is an allusion to reaping the rewards of a whole life’s work. This symbolic illustration is also evident in the real world, where investments in Gold, diamond, and other precious metals contain a similar sentiment.


Gold can be described in two distinctive ways, where the first definition is Gold as a precious metal, and the other definition is Gold’s symbolic use in many designs to represent prosperity, love, courage, wealth, and love. Additionally, this precious metal is highly valued by mankind to the extent that it is included in the title or lyrics of most of their songs.

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