10 Super Popular Wedding Grand Entrance Songs

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Women usually begin planning their dream wedding when they are little girls – from the decor, Mr. Right, and venue. No wedding is complete without the right music to create the perfect ambiance. While some prefer upbeat music depending on their personality, most choose slow songs. If you belong to the latter group, here are ten super popular wedding grand entrance songs you should consider to make the moment you walk down the aisle unforgettable.

10. Change Your Name by Brett Young

Billboard interviewed Young about this song, and he intended to make it the 2019 wedding-song-of-the-year type. The music draws you in, and the words capture your heart. It is the type of reassurance every bride needs before committing to someone for the rest of their lives; that the only thing he will change about you is your last name.

9. At Last by Etta James

It may be decades old, but lovebirds never tire to listen to this song which has become a must-have in any wedding playlist. When James sings that, at last, her love has come along and her lonely days are over, it portrays what could be going through a bride’s mind as she approaches her groom. Then when the singer sings that she is in heaven because the man is hers at last, the words ring true as the bride finally gets to her groom, and they wait to slip on their wedding bands.

8. Take My Hand by Emily Hackett Featuring Will Anderson

Hackett told My Wedding Songs that this song was supposed to be a wedding gift to a close friend. The friend had asked Hackett to sing at the wedding, but the songwriter decided to go the extra mile of recording it as a gift. Hackett recorded the song with the man who would later become her husband. At her husband’s request, she re-released the song with Will Anderson doing the male part, and the song became a hit.

7. God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

They say you have to kiss many frogs before finding your Prince Charming and this song is a testament to this expression. The band recounts how people are usually on a quest to find their one true love – the disappointments along the way before finally finding their soulmates. As the bride makes her way to the altar, the song can play as a dedication by the groom showing how much he appreciates that he found “the one.”

6. Beautiful in White by Shane Filan

Shane Filan penned the lyrics to this song as a dedication to his wife on their wedding day. They did not have the right song for their first dance, so the songwriter decided to write one himself to make it more meaningful and add a personal touch. Still, it is not just ideal for the first dance; it can also be perfect as a wedding entrance song as the groom gets captivated seeing his bride looking so beautiful in white.

5. This is It by Scott McCreery

McCreery and Gabi Dugal had dated since senior high, and their love story resulted in a proposal and finally marriage. In this song, the Season 10 “American Idol” winner takes us through the journey beginning with his proposal. According to Country Thang Daily, McCreery went down on his knees during a hike on the couple’s favorite trail. The song ends with him talking about Dugal walking down the aisle and that there never was a perfect time to share a kiss than when surrounded by family and friends.

4. Speechless by Dan and Shay

Dan Smyers married Abby on May 13, 2017, and as he watched her walk down the aisle, he remembers being lost for words. The funny thing is he already had a song titled, “Speechless,” so he based the lyrics on that moment. Since Shay also got married a few months later, the two singers used footage from their respective weddings to make a beautiful video for their song. It describes how the relationship developed from the first hello to their wedding day. It is safe to say that most grooms are usually speechless as they watch their brides make a grand entrance.

3. I Found Love by BeBe Winans

We all pray for those we care about to find true love, and that was Winans’ prayer for his cousin, Cindy. The singer revealed to Essence that he promised Cindy to write a song for her when she found that special person. Therefore, as Cindy walked down the aisle, Winans sang this song; hence, it is often titled “Cindy’s Song.” The heartfelt lyrics could be used as a poem recited during the exchange of vows.

2. A Thousand Years by Christian Perri

Perri disclosed to Teen Vogue that she wrote it at the request of the “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” production team. Although it is about a vampire falling in love hence the reference to a thousand years, anyone who is a true romantic at heart will attest to the fact that it makes for a great wedding entrance song. It starts with recounting how the lovebirds met, and it was love at first. The verse about how the woman encompasses beauty and every hour leading to that particular moment is perfect as the bride approaches her groom, and finally stands in front of him to exchange vows.

1. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Sheeran commented that this song was worthy to walk down the aisle to, and he was right. Inspiration came from his budding romance with “a girl from home,” and his grandparents’ relationship. It must have been quite the romance, seeing that he could picture their love lasting till death did them part. It is perfect when the bride walks towards the groom, as a declaration that he will love her even in her old age.

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