The 10 Best Jon Pardi Songs of All-Time

Jon Pardi

Jon Pardi is a California native who had a passion for country music from the time he was very young. He was influenced by some of the greatest artists in the industry like George Jones and George Strait. He headed for Nashville, Tennessee in 2008, to pursue his passion for performing country music. He got the lucky break he was looking for and earned his place among the talent that keeps fans coming back for more. Here are the 10 best Jon Pardi songs of all time as ranked by fans and critics alike.

10. “Missin You Crazy”


Country Thang Daily ranks “Missin You Crazy” as the tenth best song of Jon Pardi’s career to date. ” This track appeared on the Write You a Song album that was released in 2014. This is a notable song for Jon Pardi because it was the first single that was released from his debut album. It reached the 29th spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, which is a tremendous feat for any new artist. Jon was learning quickly how life as a touring musician can leave you with feelings of loneliness when you’ve left someone special back home to hit the road.

9. “She Ain’t in It”


“She Ain’t in It” has a distinct pure country vibe that doesn’t trend toward the borders of other genres. It’s a song that tells the story of a man who has had his heartbroken by a woman. It’s a common theme in country music but it resonates with fans because it mirrors the thing that happens in real life. This song appeared on his California Sunrise album released in 2016.

8. “Up All Night”


“Up All Night” is another country song that is pure country and the video drives that theme home hard. Pardi’s buddies and his pooch are along to help him bring this song to life. The song came out on his Write You a Song album released in 2014. It made it to the Billboard Hot 100 chat peaking at the 56th position. It’s a song about Jon and his girlfriend traveling down a dirt road for some summertime romance.

7. “Night Shift”


“Night Shift came out on Jon Pardi’s California Sunrise album that was released in 2016. This song was a big hit with blue-collar workers who pull the night shift, and it resonates with everyone who encounters the sadness of missing the one you love because you have to put in long hours and miss out on time together. It’s a common theme that doesn’t come out that often in country music. This is a timely song that hits home with a lot of Jon Pardi fans because it’s spot on about the way some men feel when they can’t be home at night with the women they love.

6. “Ain’t Always The Cowboy”


“Ain’t Always The Cowboy” appeared on the 2019 Heartache Mediation album. This song is true to pure country roots with its love ’em and leaves ’em theme, but in this case, it’s about the girl who leaves the cowboy instead of the other way around. Somehow Jon made this departure tune a happy one.

5. “Dirt on My Boots”


The Boot ranks “Dirt on My Boots” as the fifth-best Jon Pardi song of all time. It appears on the California Sunrise album from 2016. This song is one of the fan favorites, climbing to number one as a single. The edgy country vibe received more than its share of radio play. Ashley Gorley, Jesse Frasure, and Rhett Akins wrote the tune to have a hip-hop vibe originally, but Jon put it over in the pure country. It was nominated for the 2018 CMA Awards Single of the Year but didn’t win.

4. “Head Over Boots”


“Head Over Boots is another of Jon Pardi’s songs that charted at the first position. It was Pardi’s introduction to the world as a pure country singer with hints of modern emphasis. The song was co-written with Luke Laird and artistically features both new and old lovers hitting the dance floor.

3. “What I Can’t Put Down”


“What I Can’t Put Down” appeared on the Write You a Song album released in 2014. This is more of a country-rock flavored tune that hits hard and gets you tapping your feet. Jon gives into the rock and roll side of his personality with this tune and we get to see just how versatile of an artist he is. This song has a strong appeal to younger audiences a well as to those who have kept one foot in rock and roll with the other firmly planted in country music.

2. “Heartache Medication”


“Heartache Medication is the titular song from the Heartache Medication album released in 2019. It was the lead single that reminded listeners of an old George Strait. It was much like the song titled “Fool Hearted Memory.” This uptempo tune co-written by Jon Pardi with Barry Dean and Natalie Hemby was one of his biggest hits. It emerged as a dance floor song complete with a hearty fiddle line played by Jenee Fleenor, a CMA winner in the Musician of the Year class.

1. “Heartache on the Dance Floor”


The most popular song of Jon Pardi is “Heartache on the Dance Foor.” This track was released on his California Sunrise album in 2016. It’s a romantic song about Jon’s dream of a girl he saw that he couldn’t forget. It’s a happy song of summer love and nostalgia that maintains an uptempo beat and vibe.

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