10 Awesome Songs about Sugar


Musicians have taken advantage of the art of using sugar in songs to unravel a hidden meaning for a long time. Some use it to mean sexual intercourse, while others tone it down to romantic gestures. Whatever the explanations, here are ten awesome songs about sugar worth listening to.

10. “Sugar on My Tongue”- Talking Heads (1977)


Talking Heads got their most significant break in 1977 when they released their first album, “Talking Heads.” Dubbed art-school punks, the band decided to relocate to New York in 1974 to pursue their music career. They released “Sugar on My Tongue” as a CD bonus track on this album. In this case, the “sugar” has been used to express a love-making session. It’s amazing how sugar symbolizes the sweet things that life brings. Best line: “Never, never, never find another to put sugar on my tongue.”

9. “Sugar”- Robin Schulz feat. Francesco Yates (2015)


“Sugar” is another fantastic track by Robin Schulz, a German DJ and record producer, featuring Francesco Yates. The DJ released it in 2015 as the second song in his album with the same title. Much to his fans’ amazement, this track performed better than others on this list because it peaked in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The song also made it to the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at 44. Best line: “Sugar, how you get so fly?”

8. “Sugar Shack”- Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs (1963)


“Sugar Shack” by Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs was a 1963 track from the album “Sugar Schack.” As fate would have it, the song sold over one million copies, becoming the number one position in the 1963 Billboard magazine. At first, it didn’t strike Jimmy that he would one day become a member of Fireballs until “Sugar Shack” happened. The Chicago-born singer became the de facto frontman, steering the song to success. Best line: “And everybody calls it the sugar shack.”

7. “Brown Sugar”- The Rolling Stones (1971)


In 1971, The Rolling Stones released “Brown Sugar” in their “Sticky Fingers” album. The British rock band used the song to communicate to the public about slavery, particularly dwelling on the systemic rape of Black women and girls. Some critics argue that it was an environment for pleasure. It peaked at number one in the US and Canada and number two in the UK, with Mick Jagger as the songwriter. Rolling Stone magazine ranked it number five in the list of the “100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time.” Best line. “Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good?”

6. “Sweet Emotion”- Aerosmith (1975)


Aerosmith’s “Toys in the Attic” album is a sugary song called “Sweet Emotion.” It was released in 1975 as a metal or rock song. Tyler Steven, one of the band members, wrote this song to express his frustrations with the band. They were always high on drugs at the time, widening his rift with guitarist Joe Perry. The message of this song is to work independently without allowing others to bring you down. It won the MTV Video Music Award for “Best Rock Video.”

5. “Pour Some Sugar on Me”- Def Leppard ((1987)


“Pour Some Sugar on Me” is a song by Def Leppard, released in 1987 on the album “Hysteria.” The song peaked at number 2 in the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1988 and on VHI’s “100 Greatest Songs of the 80s” in 2006. Though the album sold nearly three million copies by 1988, the production team claimed it wasn’t enough. Consequently, they edited the footage to make this song a promo clip, releasing it as their third single. Best line: “Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet.”

4. “I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl”-Nina Simone (1989)


“I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl” is a song composed and sung by Nina Simone in 1989. It’s a rendition of Bessie Smith’s original version, which dwelt more on human and sexual content. Nina Simone wanted to tone it into a romantic song instead of sexual intimacy. She placed this track in her “In Concert” album as an R&B and soul genre. Best line: “I want a little sweetness down in my soul.”

3. “Sugar, We’re Going Down”-Fall Out Boy (2005)


Ever heard of the band Fall Out Boy? If yes or no, “Sugar, We’re Going Down” will be worth your time. It was recorded and released on April 4, 2005, as the lead single from their “From Under the Cork Tree” album. The song won the MTV Video Music Award and Kerrang! Award for Best Video. It also got nominations for MTV Video Music Award for “Best Track” and Kerrang! Award for “Best Video.” Best line: “I’ve been dying to tell you anything you wanna hear.”

2. “Watermelon Sugar”- Harry Styles (2019)


The album “Fine Line” is Harry Styles’ song, “Watermelon Sugar.” The singer released it in 2019, which became his first Hot 100 number one solo single. Later on, he released it on stage. When asked what the song was about, Styles teased that it meant “female orgasm.” If that’s what he meant, who are we to dispute it? The song scooped a Grammy Award for “Best Pop Solo Performance.” Best line: “Tastes like strawberries on a summer evening.”

1. “Sugar”- Maroon 5 (2015)


Our best sugar-related song is “Sugar” by Maroon 5, an American band. In their fifth album, “V.” The US Billboard Hot 100 ranked it second, making it the third-best song from the album. Like other songs on this list, “sugar” means sex. It won the Radio Disney Music Awards for “Best Song that Makes You Smile.” Best line: “You sugar, yes please.”


Sugar is a symbol of sweet things in life. It could be a love interest, sex, or anything that gives you pleasure. More conservative artists prefer using it to symbolize the best things in life. These ten awesome tracks from talented artists in the US and Europe portray how essential sugar is in our lives. Listen to these songs and come up with your verdict.

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