Four Year Strong Covers Ranked

Four Year Strong has always been a band with a very strong, unique pop-punk sound that carried a heavy weight to it with influences of hardcore found through the band’s music as well. With that unique sound, Four Year Strong has released a good amount of covers in the time that they’ve been a band, and have been covered quite a bit themselves, even releasing an entire covers album that featured mostly 90’s songs, as well as a few other covers over their career. Below, we’ve ranked all of the Four Year Strong cover songs and go into a little detail on each song as well.

14. She Really Loved You

“She Really Loved You” started off very quickly off its feet and immediately felt the vibe of not a cover but an original song in the style of a band such as Jawbreaker. While no Four Year Strong cover falls short by any means, compared to the rest of the covers that the band has covered during their career, this one wasn’t the most memorable.

13. Love Song

“Love Song” was certainly as great of a Four Year Strong cover as any other had the potential to be, however as the cover was featured on “Punk Goes Pop Vol. 2”, one of the most well-known covers compilation in the scene, it was a disappointment compared to the other covers from the band.

12. Roll To Me

“Roll To Me” was one of the best songs from Four Year Strong’s catalog of covers as it showcased how they could translate their trademark sound into a cover and effortlessly blend it into their own.

11. Semi-Charmed Life

“Semi-Charmed Life” was another song that the band had stated in their “Explains It All” documentary that they were excited to record when they entered the studio with the idea of a covers album. Overall, the band members as a whole were surprised at the composition of the original song and lyrics that made it almost like a rap song to them.

10. Bullet With Butterfly Wings

“Bullet With Butterfly Wings” was one of the most interesting Four Year Strong covers overall from the band’s career, not only for the featured appearance of Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die but also for its sound and difference between the original song from Smashing Pumpkins. With the addition of Every Time I Die’s vocalist, the song was the perfect amount of Four Year Strong stepping it up towards hardcore through 90’s inspiration.

9. So Much For The Afterglow

“So Much For The Afterglow” was one of the perfect songs for the band to cover to showcase not only their skills but overall interest in harmonies, which became an even bigger part of the band as they grew.

8. Ironic

“Ironic” was one of the songs that Four Year Strong covered over the years that sounds very similar to the original but with the perfect amount of the band’s unique sound to make it a great cover song but not one that stood out too much more than the others, unfortunately. However, due to the popularity of the song, it may have earned the band a few extra fans.

7. Absolutely (Story of a Girl)

Four Year Strong stated in their documentary for “Explains It All” that “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” was among what they considered a big hit at the time and were all excited to cover that song over most other songs.

6. She’s So High

Sixth on our list of Four Year Strong covers ranked list was “She’s So High” as the song was among some of the songs that may have stood out the least to some listeners but overall the song was yet another to showcase the band’s song through a cover.

5. In Bloom

In Bloom” was one of many extremely popular Nirvana tracks and in typical Four Year Strong fashion, the band made the song even faster and much more bass than the original grunge track. Four Year Strong has always been noted for their unique, and near excessive, use of gang vocals but the technique fits the band’s vocal style well and holds a certain atmosphere within any song from the band, cover or not.

4. Bittersweet Symphony

“Bittersweet Symphony” was the latest cover song that Four Year Strong has supplied us with, their first since their 2009 covers album, “Explains It All”. Bittersweet Symphony was released as a track on the second disc of the deluxe edition of the Four Year Strong’s most recent full-length “Brain Pain”, which included various other releases from the band since the album’s original release.

3. Dumpweed

“Dumpweed” was a song, originally from pop-punk trio Blink-182, featured on a covers compilation from 2006 put together by Pacific Ridge Records, who have also released several other covers compilations circulating around pop-punk in one way or another. The cover of the Blink-182 song featured the rawest recording of Four Year Strong that could be found on streaming services with a song that overall sounded like it was the demo of the song but it also featured some of the most interesting material from the band which earned its placement as third on our Four Year Strong covers ranked list.

2. Spiderwebs

“Spiderwebs” was possibly one of the heaviest covers that Four Year Strong has ever graced our ears with a breakdown that faded out to end the song that made the cover not only a cover of No Doubt but also Pantera. “Spiderwebs” earned its placement as second on our ranked list of Four Year Strong covers due to how the band stayed very true to the original while making it almost entirely their own song.

1. Fly

The cover song that we declared as the highest-ranked Four Year Strong, “Fly”, was possibly one of their most interesting as it came in the form of a song that originally featured a guest vocal that brought the original track out of its perspective genre. The original song added vocals from reggae artist Super Cat, who added a unique rap element to the track and in order to honor this, Four Year Strong grabbed Gym Class Heroes vocalist and rapper Travie McCoy.

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