The 10 Best Four Year Strong Songs of All-Time

Four Year Strong best songs all time

Four Year Strong, like many bands, has a bit of a small history with their lineup and with music exploration that left fans divided over their future. Over the last few years, Four Year Strong has released strong hits and potentially defined the genre of easycore with its unique vocals and strong lyrics, and instrumentals. Over that journey, the band had found their sound, lost a keyboardist, found a sound most fans weren’t too happy about and now with the last two releases it appeared that Four Year Strong finally found their definitive sound. Below, we’ve ranked the 10 best Four Year Strong songs of all-time as they have quite the catalog now with an expansive sound showcased throughout their career.

10. She’s So High

The least popular song from Four Year Strong, among their most popular, was a cover song from the band’s own cover album, “Explains It All”, which featured all late 90s and 2000s songs. While personally, I believed that Four Year Strong has created much stronger covers on “Explains It All”, the songs from the album mentioned in our best Four Year Strong songs of all time list are more of fan-favorites still today from the album’s original release.

9. Learn to Love the Lie

As stated below, Four Year Strong, most recently, released their album “Brain Pain”, but the least popular song, of the most popular from the record, was “Learn to Love the Lie”, and while these songs are among the most popular from this album, they ranked lowest due to their newly found energy and the gamble of if it’ll last or not as the band has overall lost consistency in their music until their most recent releases.

8. Talking Myself In Circles

Of the lowest ranking songs from our best Four Year Strong songs of all-time list, two songs remained from the band’s newest full-length “Brain Pain”. As stated with “Learn to Love the Lie”, “Brain Pain” helped define Four Year Strong into a more solid sound that will likely be heard on the next few releases from the band I’d bet.

7. Bada Bing! Wit a Pipe

“Bada Bing! Wit a Pipe” was the second song on our list of best Four Year Strong songs of all-time list from the band’s debut full-length, “Rise or Die Trying”. While both songs from the album are very popular among fans, especially the older fans, unfortunately, the band won’t be likely to play more than the two songs from the record live.

6. It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now

“It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now” may have come off as a joke title at first which could have given it some attention at first but from the music video to the reasoning behind the name of the song, it could be understood why fans would find everything about the song except the song itself to be comical.

5. Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)

“Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)” was not only from one of Four Year Strong’s most well-put-together and anthemic albums but also one of the most well-known and popular songs from the band that was damned near expected to be played at every show. Overall, our list of best Four Year Strong songs of all time included two songs from Four Year Strong’s “Enemy of the World”, which may have been the strongest to date so these songs may hold up the best over time.

4. Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die

“Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die” was the second song on our list of best Four Year Strong songs of all-time from the band’s debut album, “Rise or Die Trying”, which was highly unique for its use of keyboards, a theme the band has since abandoned.

3. Love Song

“Love Song” was one of many covers that Four Year Strong has released, however, this is one of three covers that the band has recorded that weren’t featured on the band’s cover album, “Explains It All”. The song mentioned here specifically was the second song on our list from Four Year Strong’s cover album to have made our list of 10 best Four Year Strong songs of all time.

2. Go Down in History

“Go Down in History” was the second most favored song among Four Year Strong fans and the second song on our list of 10 best Four Year Strong songs of all time ranked list.

1. We All Float Down Here

“We All Float Down Here”, in name alone showed interest as it was a clear nod to Pennywise the clown from the IT franchise, but the song was certainly nowhere near as dark as the movies have been.

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