20 Awesome Anniversary Dance Songs

Shania Twain

Are you planning a celebration of your anniversary with a night out dancing or a private party with guests? If so, it’s time to start thinking about a playlist of romantic songs that underscore the beauty of your years together. Here are 20 of the most awesome anniversary dance songs to consider.

20. “Still Crazy After All These Years” – Songwriter and performer Paul Simon

Bride Magazine recommends this popular Paul Simon song for married couples celebrating their anniversary. The words allude to a man who ran into a woman he used to know. She was an old lover who was happy to see him. His response was a simple smile. It’s a song about faithfulness to the one he loves and not going back to rekindle old romances.

19. “It Had to Be You” – Performed by Frank Sinatra

This old song was popular in 1980 upon its release in his later album. It talks about the thrill he feels for his wonderful lady. The smooth crooning combined with Sinatra’s sexy tones creates a comfortable walk down memory lane for lovers of all ages.

18. “Just the Two of Us” – Performed by Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers

“Just the two of us, building castles in the sky, just the two of us, you and I,” are powerful lyrics that speak of love and hope for building a beautiful life together. It takes romance to the next level, making it the perfect song with its mellow tones. It’s an excellent choice for couples of all ages and its upbeat yet smooth delivery makes it perfect for slow and rhythmic dancing.

17. “Just the Way You Are” – Written and performed by Billy Joel

This is a song that affirms a lifelong commitment through thick and thin. It speaks of how far you’ve come together through good times and bad times. “I’ll take you just the way you are,” is a beautiful expression of unconditional love and honoring the sacred commitment of couples in love who vow to stay together forever.

16. “Amazed” – Performed by Lonestar

“Amazed” is arguably one of the most romantic songs ever written. If you’re moved by scenes of couples in love locking eyes across a crowded room, this song will take you to that special place. The lyrics “Every time our eyes meet, this feeling inside me, is almost more than I can take,” is an affirmation of being lost in love with a special person. It follows with “every little thing that you do, baby I’m amazed by you.”

15. “Through the Years” – Performed by Kenny Rogers

PA Unveiled recommends this song for couples who have been together for several years. It’s long been a favorite of couples who’ve made it through years of good times and bad times. “Through the years, you’ve never let me down, you’ve turned my life around,” affirms the gratitude and safety couples find in each other as they navigate through life together as partners.

14. “Remember When” – Performed by Alan Jackson

This song chronicles the life of a couple from the time that they first met to the birth of children. It touches on everyday struggles, but it reflects on the couple’s life together with fond memories. It’s a look back over the years and a vow to continue to think about each special moment happily. Jackson’s smooth vocals croon that when they’re both old and gray they’ll look back, and he ends the song with “we’ll remember when.”

It’s a reminder about life together and it applies to newly married as an encouragement to keep moving forward and making memories as well as for couples married for decades. Jackson’s vocals are emotive and stirring. It brings a smile to your face and your heart.

13. “I Won’t Give Up” – Performed by Jason Mraz

The song “I Won’t Give Up” is the perfect song for couples celebrating their anniversaries who have seen adversity. If you or your spouse battled health problems, addiction, or other trying situations, it’s the perfect song to let them know that you’re in the relationship for the long haul. It’s an affirmation that you will love them forever and never give up on them no matter what life holds.

Put it on your playlist for yourselves and other couples who could use a special boost of emotional support. Jason Mraz sings this song with heartfelt smoothness.

12. “What a Wonderful World” – Performed by Louis Armstrong

Couples newly in love and those who’ve been together for years love this song with its stirring message. It points out the beauty of what this world has to offer. The lyrics talk of everyday things like babies crying, growing and learning, and the blessings that each part of life have to offer if we’re paying attention. When you’re in love, all these things are beautiful, especially if you experience them, then reflect on them later in life.

Armstrong makes his observations and then points out, “and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.” The beautiful song is perfect for anniversary dances, but it’s also nice to hear when you need a reminder of all the good things in life, including friends, family, and romantic love.

11. “All of Me” – Performed by John Legend

This song describes a man helplessly in love with a woman. It’s an up-and-down relationship that resembles a roller coaster ride, but he’s in it with no plans to jump off. We can all relate to the emotional ups and downs of a new relationship. The lyrics “My head’s under water but I’m breathing fine, you’re crazy and I’m out of my mind,” may sound frightening, but the river of hormones makes many people experience these feelings.

It’s exhilarating, sweet torture we’re willing to endure for the thrill of crazy love. This song is best for couples who’ve been through the roller coaster ride and come out on the other side with a solid relationship and undying love for one another.

10. “Here We Are” – Performed by Gloria Estefan

Wedding Wire suggests Gloria Estefan’s “Here We Are” for couples who dated and married during the 1980s era. It’s a song about falling in love and becoming helpless in the arms of your lover.

The lyrics “I’, in love, this is it,” and There’s no turning back this time,” rekindle memories of couples who danced to the song many years ago. It’s like taking a walk to yesteryear and reliving the excitement and wonder of new love and romance. It will bring a smile to the faces of couples who remember what it was like to dance to this song with their special someone.

9. “Wonderful Tonight” – Performed by Eric Clapton

This song was a part of the soundtrack for the film “Story of Us,” starring Michelle Pfifer and Bruce Willis. They went through a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, but the song talks about a man’s love and appreciation for his partner. She doesn’t realize she’s beautiful to him. When he takes her to a party, he sees the other guys staring at her, but it doesn’t make him jealous.

Instead, it fills him with pride and admiration for her. He appreciates how she takes care of him by taking his keys at the party when he’s had too much to drink. She helps him to bed, and she asks him ” do you feel alright?” he says “yes, I feel wonderful tonight.”

8. “When I Said I Do” – Performed by Clint Black

Couples who love country music appreciate this song of love and fidelity. It’s about couples who commit to love one another for life when they say “I Do.” It talks about being “faithful and true, devoted to you,” and meaning every word of the wedding vows. The lyrics also throw in the words “til the end of time” to cement the vows as a forever commitment.

7. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” – Performed by Elvis Presley

Nobody sang this song like the late great Elvis Presley. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” is stirring and serves as a reminder of the love between couples when it was fresh and new. The sentiment is a beautiful affirmation of love that takes the notion of romance to the ultimate high.

Sway with your partner to the tender and emotion-laden voice of Elvis Presley. Take in his powerful yet controlled vocals. The song is moving to even the most stoic of hearts. This classic love song gives couples of all ages a chance to slow dance and kindle the flames of romance.

6. “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” – Performed by Aerosmith

This song made it to the soundtrack for the film “Armageddon,” starring Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler. Tyler is the real-life daughter of Aerosmith lead singer and frontman Steven Tyler, which made it even more moving.

The lyrics “I just want to stay with you at this moment forever” and I don’t wanna fall asleep cuz I don’t want to miss a thing” are beautiful sentiments about being in love. It’s a sentimental song, played at many weddings and it’s just as applicable for anniversary celebrations. Couples in love still feel the same about each other and a song like this can fan the flames of the embers still burning deep in their hearts.

5. “The Best is Yet to Come – Performed by Frank Sinatra

SpedJ recommends this classic love song that promises life and love are not over, nor has the best yet been experienced. What a beautiful thought that there’s more to come in the years ahead. It’s like telling your partner, it’s all been good, but just wait because there’s more coming, and “the best is yet to come.”

4. “I Wanna Grow Old With You” – Performed by Adam Sandler

When Adam Sandler sang this song to Drew Barrymore in the film “The Wedding Singer,” it melted hearts. The comedic actor is funny, but he has a serious side as an actor, and he used this heartfelt song, written just for Barrymore’s character to tell her that he loved her and wanted to grow old with her. It’s a catchy song that goes into detail about a few of her quirks, which are perfect for him. It’s another romantic song about unconditional love and being together forever.

3. “Forever and Ever, Amen” – Performed by Randy Travis

Country music fans loved this song when it first came out and it’s still a popular choice for weddings and anniversaries. It talks about time taking its “toll on the body,” and how young people’s hair will turn gray. It’s about mutual love through the aging process from day one through forever. It’s possibly the most romantic country song ever written.

2. “All My Life – Performed by KC & Jojo

The song “All My Life is a song that is so moving that it can bring a tear to your eye. The male singer tells his love that he loves her and has prayed for someone like her to come into his life. He thanks God that he’s found her and he continues praying she feels the same way he does. It’s about love, faithfulness, and a lifelong commitment.

1. “You’re Still the One” – Performed by Shania Twain

“You’re Still the One is one of the most romantic songs to ever hit the country and western charts. It’s the perfect anniversary song for couples who enjoy country music. The lyrics talk about a lifelong commitment after years of being together. It’s a song about endless love. Shania sings “you’re still the one that I run to, belong to, and want for life.”

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