The 10 Best Randy Travis Songs of All-Time

Randy Travis

Randy Travis is a country music and gospel singer, songwriter, and guitarist who has also worked as an actor appearing in both television series and films. He began his career in 1978 and continued to work until he suffered a stroke in 2013. Travis is considered a pivotal figure in the country music genre, and he influenced the work of many future artists. Throughout his career, Randy Travis recorded 20 studio albums and more than 50 singles that were charted on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. These included 16 that peaked at number one on the charts. Here are the 10 best Randy Travis songs of all time.

10. Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart (1990)


Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart’ featured on the 1990 album, ‘No Holdin’ Back,’ which was Travis’ fourth studio album. It was his first number one hit of the 1990s, as it topped the country charts in the United States and Canada. In the United States, it stayed in the number one position for four weeks and was the first single to remain in this position for so long in 12 years. Hugh Prestwood wrote this song, which features an unusual rhythm harmonica beat in the final section of the track.

9. Whisper My Name (1994)


‘Whisper My Name’ was the last of Randy Travis’ songs to top the charts in the 1990s, and he did not top the charts again until he released ‘Three Wooden Crosses’ in 2002. The song is about the emotions a man experiences when his name is whispered, and the lyrics make use of metaphors. In this love song, there are backing vocals from Verlon Thompson, Darrell Scott, and Suzy Ragsdale. It was written by Trey Bruce and released under the Warner Bros. Nashville record label.

8. If I Didn’t Have You (1992)


Released in 1992, ‘If I Didn’t Have You’ was Randy Travis’s third number-one single of the 1990s and his 13th number-one single overall. It was the lead single on the album ‘Greatest Hits, Volume One.’ The song was written by Mx D. Barnes and Skip Ewing.

7. Deeper Than the Holler (1988)


The Boot says that ‘Deeper Than the Holler’ became one of Randy Travis’ signature songs. When Travis released t his single in 1988, it became his sixth consecutive number one hit and his eighth number-one single overall. The song featured on the album ‘Old 8×10,’ and it was written by Don Schlitz and Paul Overstreet. The song uses various metaphors to describe what it feels like to be in love, and Travis delivers heartfelt vocals throughout the song.

6. I Told You So (1988)


Randy Travis originally recorded ‘I Told You So’ on his 1983 album, ‘Live at Nashville Palace’ under his stage name at that time, Randy Ray. It was a song that he regularly performed at Nashville Palace and a favorite amongst the locals. Travis then recorded it on his 1987 album, ‘Always & Forever,’ and it became a number one hit. The song was covered by country singer Carrie Underwood in 2007.

5. Forever Together (1991)


‘Forever Together’ was the second single released from Randy Travis’s seventh studio album, ‘High Lonesome.’ Travis co-wrote the song with Alan Jackson when they were touring together. The song was a number one hit on the country charts in both the United States and Canada. Before releasing this track as a single, it had previously been released as the B-side to the 1989 single ‘It’s Just a Matter of Time.’

4. Diggin’ Up Bones (1986)


‘Diggin Up Bones’ is a mid-tempo song all about heartbreak. The track was the third single released from Travis’ 1986 debut album ‘Storms of Life,’ and it was Travis’ second back-to-back number one hit. ‘Diggin’ Up Bones’ was co-written by Paul Overstreet, Al Gore, and Nat Stuckey.

3. It’s Just a Matter of Time (1989)


‘It’s Just a Matter of Time’ was originally released as a single in 1959 by Brook Benton, who co-wrote the track with Clyde Otis and Belford Hendricks. Randy Travis is one of three country music artists to have covered the song during the 1970s and 1980s. His version was released in 1989, and it was the only single he released from the album ‘No Holdin Back. It topped the country charts in Canada and the US.

2. Forever and Ever, Amen (1987)


Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz co-wrote ‘Forever and Ever, Amen.’ It was the first single Randy Travis released from the 1987 album ‘Always & Forever.’ The song was the third of Travis’ singles to become a number hit on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. In 2020, Josh Turner covered the song on his album ‘Country State of Mind,’ and Randy Travis featured on the track. The song was also covered by Ronan Keating and Shania Twain in 2021, and it featured on Keating’s album, ‘Twenty Twenty.’

1. Three Wooden Crosses (2002)


According to Taste of Country, the best Randy Travis song is ‘Three Wooden Crosses.’ This song marks a resurgence in the country singer’s career, as he had not had a number one single since 1994 when he released this track, so it was his first song to top the charts in eight years. Travis won the Dove Award for Country Song of the Year for this song. Additionally, the song also won the CMA Award for the Song of the Year. ‘Three Wooden Crosses’ featured on the 2002 album ‘Rise and Shine.’

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