The 10 Best Vern Gosdin Songs of All Time

Vern Gosdin

Vern Gosdin, one of the world’s country music legends, also referred to as ‘the voice,’ released 19 top-solo hits between 1977 and 1990. But legends never die, and Vern is living proof. Though death took this talented singer away on April 28, 2009, his euphonious voice, music style, and the message enfolded in his lyrics shall never fade. Vern’s achievements in his music career can be attributed to his efforts and commitment, but we must acknowledge that participating in his family gospel show was a huge boost. Anyone who listens to Vern Gosdin songs can’t get enough of his boundless baritone. Let’s explore his ten best songs of all time in detail, focusing on the performance and views of the specific songs.

10. Right in The Wrong Direction

Vern wrote the ‘ right in the wrong direction ‘ song with the help of his fellow country music singer Hank Cochran and Mack Vickery, a songwriter. He released it in February 1990. This love song was ranked number 10 on the hot country songs chart. It has so far gained 54,000 views on YouTube and has remained a great hit.

9. Who You Gonna Blame It On This Time Round

Released in January 1989, the ‘who you gonna blame it on this time round’ song is co-written with Hank Cochran. This song is Vern’s fourth single on his Chiseled in Stone album. It takes the second position on the Hot Country Music chart. To date, the song has gathered 442,000 views on YouTube. No doubt, this song touched the hearts of many. It’s a message of a man to his lover.

8. I’m Still Crazy

The’ I’m still crazy’ took the third and first position on the country chart. Vern wrote this song with the help of a renowned songwriter, Buddy Cannon and Vern’s son, Steve. The song has gathered 480,000 views to date on YouTube and still ranks as a favorite to some country music lovers. It’s a love song about a man who narrates his crazy love to his lover and cannot get her out of his mind.

7. I Can Tell By The Way That You Dance

Co-written by Rob Strandlund and Sandy Pinkard,’ I can tell by the way that you dance’ song is Vern Gosdin’s March 1984 release. It ranked number one single track in the country then. To date, this song has reached 611,000 views on YouTube, with various people releasing the song’s cover. It’s a love song featuring a man who narrates his feelings to his woman. He says that he can see her love for him demonstrated in her dances.

6. Way Down Deep

The ‘way down deep’ song is another Vern Gosdin’s record co-written by two American country music singers and songwriters, Max T. Barnes and Max D. Barnes. This June 1983 ranked the second single in the album ‘if you are gonna do me wrong. It was among the top 5 hitting songs in the country single charts. It has reached 753,000 views on YouTube and remains a favorite song to country music lovers.

5. Is It Raining At Your House

Are you a country music fan? If yes, you must have heard the ‘is it raining in your house’ song. The song is about a male lover who asks his former lover if it is still ‘raining her house’ because he still misses her. It best suits people who’ve been heartbroken and want to get back together with their lovers. It’s a December 1990 release and was among the top 10 hits on the country chart then. Today the song has gathered 945,000 views on YouTube, proof it’s still some people’s favorite. The co-writers of this song are Dean Dildon and Hank

4. Till The End

Vern released ‘Till the end’ in June 1977 as his third single, with the album bearing the name of this song. His wife Cathy is the co-writer in this song. It reached number seven in the Country singles Chart in 1977. It featured Janie Fricke, a female singer. Today this song has gathered 1.5 million views on YouTube. It’s evidence that people still listen to ’till the end’ a song in which Vern promises to love his wife till the end

3. Do You Believe Me Now

‘Do you believe me now’ is Vern Gosdin’s November 7, 1987 release. He wrote it together with Max D. Barnes. This song is the first single of Vern’s 1988 album release, chiseled in stone, that ranked number 7 on the country albums chart. The song was among the top 4 country tracks in the country. It has 8.2 million views to date, proving it touched the hearts of many country music lovers.

2. Set ‘Em Up Joe Joe

Here is a tribute to one famous country music legend, Ernest Tubb, released in April 1988,’the set ’em up Joe.’ This song was, and remains, one of Vern’s greatest hits of all time. It is his second song to top the list on the country chart. He wrote it in collaboration with Buddy Cannon, Dean Dillon, and Hank Cochran. To date, the song has reached 8.6 million views on YouTube. Unquestionably, most of his fans are still in love with the song.

1. That Just About Does It

The song ‘that just about does it’ has gathered 15 million views on YouTube and remains a popular song among country music lovers. This song was released in September 1989 as the second single on the album ‘alone.’ It was number four on the country’s singles and tracks chart. In this song, Vern cautions people on love. He narrates about the unrewarding efforts of a man who tried to patch things up with his lover many times unsuccessfully. Max D. Barnes is the co-writer behind this hit.


Vern Gosdin’s songs have continued to warm up the hearts of many to date. Hopefully, these songs will add to your music collection and help lighten up your mood. Don’t forget to dance to the beat. Unquestionably, Vern is truly a star in his genre.

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