The 10 Best Weather Report Songs of All-Time

Weather Report

Did you know that the 1920s was jazz’s prime-age? While jazz artists used conventional swing, blue notes, complex chords, call and response vocals, and polyrhythms, the transition to modern instrumentals in the 70s and 80s was phenomenal. During this time, budding and veteran jazz bands like Weather Report (consisting of 11 band members) stole the show. The band’s most significant breakthrough was between 1970 and 1986, marking 16 years in jazz fusion. They released 14 studio albums, three live albums, five singles, and six-video albums throughout their career. If you are a fan of classic jazz and Weather Report is your favorite band, you’re probably wondering, which are the ten best Weather Report Songs of all time? Here is a ranking list from the good to the best:

10. Where the Moon Goes

Spring 1982 marked when the Weather Report band released “Where the Moon Goes.” The song sounds like a drum machine, but seeing it live gets you wondering how the band’s drummer’s the lid on his left. The live performance took place in Tokyo, Japan, in 1983. Zawinul wrote the song as though it was meant for a musical instrument. As the song goes on, you will hear its sound more saxophone-like. Listen to it when on a late-night drive

9. Harlequin

Ever wanted to be in a low-light place with your lover while toasting wine to your two or third anniversary. There’s one thing missing; jazz fusion music. How about tuning into “Harlequin” from Weather Report? The music is so soothing that you will want to hit “repeat” mode. The track’s instrumentals are exceptional. Listen to this track when celebrating an important event

8. Palladium

With Joe Zaniwul strutting his fingers in the piano and Wayne Shorter blowing the saxophone, what else do you expect besides a timeless track? “Palladium” is a track from Weather Report that makes five geniuses who play together and leave space for each other to create a beautiful track. It’s a must-have song you should include in your playlist if you’re a jazz infusion enthusiast. Listen to this song when your moods are low

7. River People

Written by J. Pastorius, “River People” is another of Weather Report’s great track releases. Somewhere in the song, you’ll hear;

“It’s my blood, sweat, tears, and years

Struggle, love, hate, fear, New York City

You could make it here, and you could make it anywhere

Whatever the weather we ride

Let my people go to the place where knowledge is born

We welcome you to the third eye of the storm; check it out.”

The song inspires you to brave for success. If you can make it in New York, there’s no other place in the world that will be difficult. Listen to it when you feel stuck

6. Black Market

Released in 1976, “Black Market” is a track with slang and “dirty” content, mainly using curse words. If you’re a conservative, you will find this track a bit demeaning. However, we preferred to focus on the great content it talks about. Going by Mozaart’s report, the lyrics address how tough it is living on the streets. At the time, many Afro-Americans faced injustice, and this was Weather Report’s way of venting out. Listen to this song when you’re in the mood to go a bit explicit

5. Freezing Fire

“Tale Spinning” is World Report’s fifth studio album recorded and released in 1975. It welcomes Leon “Ndugu” Chancler on the drums after Josef Zawinul recognized his talent while playing for Carlos Santana. One of the album’s most remarkable tracks is “Freezing Fire.” The song sounds so serene that you will want to listen to it while watching the sunset on the beach. Even more exciting is that the songwriter, Zawinul, uses the phrase to explain how unimaginable situations can happen without anyone expecting it. Listen to it if you’re in despair

4. Teen Town

Composed by Jaco Pastorius, “Teen Town” was released in 1977 from “Heavy Weather.” Weather Report has performed various live shows, and this song always comes among the first in their lineup. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you probably experience unpredictable weather changes. The temperatures don’t get warmer in winter. So that means bringing weather of your own, and that’s where this jazz track comes in handy.

3. Cucumber Slumber

“Columbia Records released “Cucumber Slumber” by Weather Report. It comes from the album “MYSTERIOUS TRAVELLER.” Alphonso Johnson and Joe Zaniwul wrote it. This track takes you in a world of slumber, from the instrumentals to lyrics. It’s a must-have track that soothes you, making you feel like you can tackle challenges no matter how difficult they might be. Listen to this track on a Friday if you’re planning to sleep in

2. Boogie Woogie Waltz

“Boogie Woogie Waltz” is a 13.09-minute that caught the Weather Report group at a time when they were entering a period of turmoil. However, it received a good reception from fans across America and worldwide. It starts with a saxophone from the background, slowly welcoming other instrumentals like the piano and drum beats. You will want to listen to every bit of the song to catch the mood. Listen to the song first thing in the morning to kickstart your day

1. Birdland

“Birdland” tops this list because it’s a tribute to the Birdland nightclub in New York City. According to Music Apple, the lounge appeared on the band’s 1977 “Heavy Weather” album. Its recording and release are why the Weather Report got inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2010. It’s a timeless track that never goes out of style, regardless of how many jazz fusion tracks keep coming up.


When it comes to ranking 10 best Weather Report Songs of all time, the buck stops with you. Our list gives you a sneak-peek of how jazz fusion played out in the 70s and 80s. All that is left of you is to turn on your playlist to decide which one rocked your world.

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