The 10 Best Greta Van Fleet Songs of All-Time

Great Van Fleet

Although the band Greta Van Fleet has been around for almost a decade, it’s only in the past five years that they’ve started hitting the number one spot on the billboards. If you haven’t seen them live, it’s an experience worth writing home about, but you can always listen to the top ten Greta Van Fleet songs of all time (so far) from the comfort of your home. After signing to Lava Records in 2017, their first rock album immediately had a number one single in Highways Tune. However, there’s plenty of outstanding music here to enjoy along with Highway Tune, which definitely made the top three.

10. Age of Man

Speaking to the very heart of human ingenuity, this song starts by talking about the light in the darkness. The beauty of the human condition is something it’s not hard to connect to. It isn’t hard to hear why this band was nominated for a Grammy when you listen to the deep and thoughtful lyrics in songs like Age of Man. However, this song does have a dark side. You’ll have to listen to the ending yourself to hear it.

9. Age of Machine

As you sit reading this on your laptop, phone or PC, you are unwittingly participating in the meaning behind this song. Human technology is a wonderful thing, but it has become a crutch, upon which we are increasingly dependent. This song was a very conscious choice as the first track on the band’s debut studio album. The so-named Anthem of the Peaceful Army was the ideal conduit for a song about the things we don’t fight against at all. When paired with the number ten song on this list, Age of Man, you can see both a deep hope for humanity and a healthy skepticism over whether we can pull ourselves back from the brink in time. The dichotomy of these two songs is the stuff that master thesis papers are made of.

8. Black Smoke Rising

Perhaps not quite as well known as Highway Tune, the number one hit from their debut EP, this was nevertheless an excellent addition to that collection. According to an interview the band did with Metal Riot, their music was made to be played loud. In fact, they’ve been asked to turn it down when playing smaller venues. If you’re looking for a more hard-rock sound with heavy lyrics about human failings in line with much of the gene, this is the one.

7. Lover Leaver

Love and the devil are subjects that come up in a lot of rock music. Fans have come to almost expect it, and religions have capitalized on it through protests and their own modern music groups. Lover Leaver is all about a demonic lover. The evil woman trope is one many hard rock bands are all too familiar with. Portraying their exes, or their ideals as wild and wicked is standard fair. What isn’t so average about this song is how much it slaps.

6. Heat Above

No one will ever be Led Zepplin except Led Zepplin, but songs like Heat Above can give you the same sort of feels. You can hear where Greta Van Fleet gets their roots. Of course, having a sound that is oft compared to Zepplin is both a boon and a sometimes problem. Fans love the music and detractors scream about it. Luckily, one of the marks of all great musicians is that their music is ranted about by those who simply prefer another style. Even the Waltz was once considered risque after all. As RockPasta points out, Greta Van Fleet has done nothing (except making great music) and any hate they get is simply a result of talent and differing tastes.

5. Safari Song

One listen and you will understand why Safari Song is one of Greta Van Fleet’s many top ten hits. Every great rock band needs a great love song. Safari Song is all about the desire for a woman. As rock goes, it’s fairly standard fare. What makes this song top-ten worthy isn’t the subject, but rather the delivery. Greta Van Fleet has a stage presence worthy of the true rock greats and they know how to use it.

4. When The Curtain Falls

While Safari Song is a rock love song, When The Curtain Falls is more of a Hollywood love story. It’s all about the appeal of the stage and what comes after. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll go together, and there are plenty of songs that find their roots in this fast lifestyle. When The Curtain Falls is a top ten hit for its outstanding portrayal of a fallen woman who lives the life of a groupie and star-chaser.

3. Highway Tune

Being on the road is something every touring band is familiar with. Likewise, finding love on the road is almost inevitable, though it rarely lasts. This is a song about that one girl who really turns your head and makes you want to travel with her. If you notice a distinct resemblance to Led Zepplins’ Rover, it’s because they come from similar ideas, and as previously mentioned, Greta Van Fleet is heavily inspired by Zepplin.

2. You’re The One

It should not surprise you to find one of Greta Van Fleet’s number one hits at the top of this list. A love song can be about bewitching women, or groupies or even some girl who turns your head on the road, but often the best love songs are about loss. You’re The One is all about wanting someone back. If you are in the mood to think about the one who got away, or you just want to hear some great GVF rock, this song fits on any list.

1. My Way Soon

My Way Soon is Greta Van Fleet’s most recent (2021) number one hit. We’re giving it the honor of the top spot, even though every song on this list is worthy of top billing. However, this song stands on its own as an anthem about freedom and a life without rules where you are free to travel where you want. All you have to do is pack a bag. In this era of extra regulations for everything just to stay healthy and safe, My Way Soon is a breath of fresh air. Any song that makes you want to pack a bag and hit the road deserves a listen, and this song is well written, well-performed, and even better live.

Final Thoughts

For those who have yet to experience Greta Van Feet, it’s easy to get confused and assume this is a female solo artist instead of a hard rock band. The group is actually named after a woman, Gretna Van Fleet from their hometown who gave her blessing to the use. While a sweet grandmother may not be the first thing you think of when you name a rock band, it certainly has a nice ring to it, like the band’s music. Plus, it makes for a great story to tell when people inevitably ask where your band name comes from.

We could make a cliche joke about ‘what’s in a name,’ but this group’s music speaks for itself and lives up to the expectations of the eighty-eight-year-old woman who gave them the inspiration. Wherever she is, we’re sure Gretna could jam out to this top ten playlist knowing the band is using her name well.

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