The 10 Best George Ezra Songs of All-Time

British singer-songwriter George Ezra released his first album “Wanted on Voyage” after traveling through Europe. He was content saying that even if it was the only album he ever recorded, he would still be happy because he had a wonderful time creating it. The album went on to top the charts in the UK and it became the third biggest seller of 2014. The singer was motivated to release another album in 2018, “Staying at Tamara’s” which was 2018’s second biggest seller. His latest album is “Gold Rush Kid” and the musician is determined to continue creating more beautiful music. So far, these are the best George Ezra songs of all time.

10. Sweetest Human Being Alive

For those who believe in finding their soulmate someday, this song helps them to keep their faith. Ezra even confessed it is his favorite from his “Gold Rush Kid” album. A breakup inspired the song, and the singer hopes that his better half still exists; he broke up with English model and singer Florrie Arnold after dating for two years. Later, during the first COVID-19 lockdown, the singer felt lonely and longed for family and friends. One of the songs that came to him was “Sweetest Human Being Alive.”

9. Pretty Shining People

Hope is usually the last thing to die in a person, so we can only survive by staying optimistic. This is the message in the song, “Pretty Shining People,” where Ezra talks about heading to the wishing well with a friend, Sam, after feeling like they have run out of options. In the song, Sam remarks it is a terrible time to be alive for the overthinkers. Allegedly, it was inspired by Ezra’s talk with a taxi driver when visiting Scotland’s Isle of Skye.

8. Anyone for You

Ezra sings about a 21-year-old girl, Tiger Lily, who has just moved to the city. He wants to be in her life, so he gives her his number, to call him in case she needs anyone. He is willing to fulfill all her needs because he is madly in love with her. Unfortunately, Lily does not feel the same way and breaks it off, but Ezra hopes she does not forget him wherever she may go. The singer said the song came to him after going through some notebooks with rough ideas that had never materialized.

7. Hold My Girl

According to The Music, Ezra believes this is the most ballad-y song he has ever written. Most people think it is about a father-daughter connection hence they tell him that they were listening to it when their daughters were born. The singer had not thought about it from that perspective, but since his father sang Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” to his sisters, Ezra realized it made sense. To him, it is a love song in which he declares his love for a girl by offering his time so she can open up about what is bothering her.

6. Green Green Grass

Ezra draws his inspiration mostly from his surroundings, and he told Bustle that watching a celebration of life for three people inspired him to write this song. He recounted that while at St. Lucia, Ezra heard some undeniably beautiful music playing about three streets from where he was enjoying a drink at the local bar. He was informed that the locals were celebrating the lives of three people; hence, he talks about the day he will die in his song.

5. Paradise

The power of love is undeniable; it has been known to inspire people to do lots of things, among which is penning down lyrics. “Paradise” is Ezra’s song inspired by the love he had for his girlfriend. The two had just begun dating, and the singer was feeling all sorts of emotions, which he could hardly contain; thus, he put them in writing. Ezra said the song was about the early stages of a new relationship; the feeling of love taking over is like paradise taking over bloody veins.

4. Listen to the Man

“Listen to the Man” is about reassuring the person you are in love with of your commitment to the relationship. Ezra talks about being there to catch her if she falls and how he hates to see her feeling low. The cameo appearance by a lip-syncing Sir Ian McKellen in this song’s video makes it more exciting to watch especially the part when the two have a conversation.

3. Budapest

Ezra talked to American Songwriter and revealed that the song is about the things he was willing to give up to be with somebody. The singer also disclosed that the inspiration came from a trip to Europe. He had planned to travel through Europe, but of all the cities on his bucket list, Budapest was the only one he did not make it to, sadly.

2. Blame It on Me

They say that the life you live is a combination of the consequences of the choices you have made along the way. Well, for Ezra, he knew he had to make some changes if he did not want to pay student loans for the rest of his life. According to an interview with InStyle, he wrote this song when he had just moved to Bristol. At the time, Ezra was 18 and had many student loans. Still, as young as he was, he realized the many opportunities to play music that the universe presented him. Therefore, he took advantage of them, knowing that if he lazed around, he would only have himself to blame.

1. Shotgun

“Shotgun” remains to be Ezra’s best-selling single after it became his first #1 song in Ireland, the UK, and Australia. Such an achievement was his favorite highlight of 2018 when he released the song. He said that his intention was for the song to send out feel-good vibes, and it did. However, the singer was forced to pay royalties when according to The Sun, Irish singer-songwriter Derek Ryan claimed that “Shotgun” was similar to “Flowers in Your Hair,” Ryan’s 2014 track.

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