The 10 Best Foghat Songs of All-Time


Foghat was one of the most authentic British, American-based bands in the 1970s. The band was created in London back in 1971. They were widely popular across the US for their hard rock, blues-rock, and boogie rock during the classic rock era. The founding members of Foghat included Dave Peverett, Tony Stevens, Roger Earl, and Rod Price.

Dave Peverett is well known for his vocals, while Tony and Roger were good on drums and bass respectively — right from the time they left Savoy Brown. Even with the passing of founding members, the band continues to release and perform new music. Foghat have recorded over twenty albums with eight gold records, one platinum, one double platinum record during their career.

Despite several lineup changes due to the death of some of its members, most notably, the death of Dave Peverett. Rod Price also left the band early on in 1980 after growing tired of Foghat’s shift from hard boogie rock to a new sound that was influenced by pop. The band continues to record and perform. Here is a list of the ten best Foghat songs of all time.

10. The Night Shift

“The Night Shift” was a track from Foghat’s sixth studio album, “Night Shift,” released in 1976. This was the first Foghat album that featured Craig Macgregor as a bassist. The song falls on a sultry solo section and toe-tappers that flat-out rock. The track also features amazing guitar tunes from Dave Peverett and Rod Price. Dan Hartman was the producer of the album, which also peaked at position 36 on the Billboard 200.

9. Stone Blue

“Stone Blue” has to be the best song from the band’s seventh studio album “Stone Blue.” The track was written by Peverett, who had already carved out a reputation for releasing ways that would drive entire crowds wild. The track features some catchy lyrics that are sure to grab your attention anytime you listen to the track.

8. Fool for the city

“Fool For The City” was the first track from the band’s album, “Fool For The City.” A keen look at the lyrics tells a story about a rocker who moves from the countryside to the city. The song is widely known due to the fact that the band used it to open most shows. The song was written by Dave Peverett, who was the band’s lead singer.

7. I Just Want to Make Love to You

“I Just Want to Make Love to You” is one of the most outstanding singles from the band’s phenomenal album, “ Foghat Live.” The song also has an eight-minute version that was released on the band’s album, “Foghat Live.” The single received a lot of airplay and was a regular on many FM stations. The track went on to peak at number 83 on the Billboard 100.

6. Driving Wheel

As its name suggests, “Driving Wheel” was released when Foghat was at their peak. The track was released in 1976 from the band’s album, “Night Shift.” The band’s dual guitar skills and killer vocals, and excellent production stand out throughout the track. The song has been featured in several video games, including Grand Theft Auto and various NASCAR games.

5. Third Time Lucky

“Third Time Lucky” was the second track from the band’s eighth studio album, “Boogie Motel.” It was a song that signaled the end of the band’s hard-driving blues-rock sound. All the tracks in the album were written by Dave Peverett.

4. Chateau Lafitte ’59 Boogie (Rock and Roll Outlaw)

Foghat’s Rock and Roll Outlaw album is considered one of the best albums among die-hard Foghat fans. Chateau Lafitte ’59 Boogie was the last song on the album, and it was written by Dave Peverett and Price. Despite the fact that bands were contracted to release many albums in a short span of time, it is incredible how Foghat continued to deliver quality tracks. The song goes for about 6 minutes and 14 seconds with some great vinyl and bass variations that make it a favorite for many.

3. Burning The Midnight Oil

“Burning The Midnight Oil” is the third track from Foghat’s sixth studio album “Night Shift.” The album is remembered as the initial album, which included Craig Macgregor as the bassist after he had toured with the band to support “Fool For The City.” The album is notable due to the fact that it was produced by Dan Hartman, who hardened the band’s instrumentation and changed the sound of the band. The move was able to bring out the best in the band by improving their clarity as well as their blues roots identity.

2. Honey Hush

“Honey Hush” initially appeared in Foghat’s 1974 album, “Energized.” However, it is the live version released in 1977 dubbed “Foghat Live” that really captured our attention. The live version contains some incredible guitar solos, which are performed at some quality speed. The song “Honey Hush” has a few similarities with the song “Train Kept A Rollin” due to the near-identical riffs.

1. Slow Ride

For many Foghat fans, “Slow Ride” has to be the band’s best song of all time. The track is an all-time classic rock hit from their fifth studio album, “Fool for the City,” which was released in 1975. Roger Earl, the band’s drummer, revealed that the idea of the song came during a jam session alongside Nick Jameson, who was the new bassist. The single is composed of five versions, including an original LP version that lasts 8 minutes and 14 seconds. You will enjoy the song due to its loose instrumentation and fantastic groove, as well as some fantastic guitar tunes and superb hard rock drumming.

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