The 10 Best Lil Durk Songs of All-Time

Lil Durk

Lil Durk often describes his sound as “melodize drill” and has released at least one mixtape every year since his debut mixtape, I’m a Hitta (2011). His debut album Remember My Name dropped in 2015, and he has remained steady in his releases ever since. Although he is a Def Jam Recordings rapper, Lil Durk also has his own rap collective dubbed OTF (Only the Family). Lil Durk has borne a lot of responsibility since his childhood after his father was incarcerated when he was only seven months old. Despite this, Durk has earned himself a cult following by releasing great music that has endeared him to many fans. Here are the top ten Lil Durk songs

10. When We Shoot


Coming off his 2020 album, Just Cause Y’all Wanted, and starting us off in the tenth position is the track “When We Shoot. In the track, Lil Durk shows a lot of love for his city in one of his most impressive music videos. The video was shot by Jerry Production and featured artists such as Lil Reese as they and some other friends have fun in his hometown. Towards the end of the music video, Lil Durk takes pictures with what he considers family and other members of the community as a shot of fireworks is displayed.

9. Habits


The number nine track on our list is one of Lil Durk’s most personal tracks. “Habit” is the sixth track from his 2018 album, Signed to the Streets 3. The lyrics of the song talk about poor personal habits and choices that Lil Durk has often seen from himself and those around him. Throughout the track, he gives examples of such habits and sounds openly frustrated at some of them.

8. I Know


Lil Durk’s life story is a fascinating one. In this song, he talks about various experiences in his life, including time in jail, his loyal friends and acquaintances, and growing up in the streets. All in all, the track’s main theme sees Lil Durk try to convince us that his life experiences have made him the person he is today even though people around him have questioned his choices. The lyrics of the song are quite deep, and the instrumental for this song is at its finest.

7. No Auto Durk


In 2018, Lil Durk showed that he isn’t stopping anytime yet, although many people seemed content with the kind of music he had been releasing. In this track, Lil Durk teams up with Metro Boomin in the 12th track contained in the album, Lil Durk Presents: Only the Family Involved, Vol. 2. The song is a remix of the track “Never Cared” released by G Herbo back in 2017. Lil Durk’s remix version did not contain a hook and went viral after his #NoAutoDark challenge.

6. No Label


The number six-track on our list sees Lil Durk give details about the relationship problems of one of his friends. The lyrics of the song might be a little confusing and might have you thinking otherwise since Lil Durk serves the role of a guy talking about an ex. However, their romance never ended well, and hence Lil Durk has anything but kind words when speaking of her. Most of what he loathes most about her is her ungratefulness.

5. India


“India” is a beautiful love song that Lil Durk dedicated to his girlfriend, India Royale. In the song, we find Lil Durk declaring his love for his girlfriend. At the Chicago “Big Jam” concert, we find Lil Durk proposing to his long-time girlfriend. The crowd burst into applause as they celebrated their special moments.

4. Like Me ft. Jeremih


The number four song on our countdown of the top ten Lil Durk songs of all time sees Lil Durk team up with Jeremih, who does the hook. The song is contained in Lil Durk’s 2015 album, Remember My Name, and contains lyrics that feature Lil Durk and Jeremih bragging that a certain beautiful woman wants to be with a guy like them. Real Lil Durk fans will agree that this song is one of his finest.

3. Backdoor


The song “Backdoor” was a tribute Lil Durk sang for his labelmate King Von who was killed outside Atlanta Nightclub. They had sung a few remixes together. The song was released in December 2020 from Lil Durk’s sixth album, the Voice. In the song, Lil Durk talks about the struggles he faced during his upbringing and cautions youths on the dangers of running the streets, and in the music video, Lil Durk wears King Von signature O’Black Chain.

2. All Love


“All Love” is the fourth track from Lil Durk’s 2020 album, Just Cause Y’all Waited 2. The track is another one of Lil Durk’s more personal songs, with the rapper detailing the struggle and pain he has gone through the streets with people doubting his ability due to the vulnerability of his voice. The Chicago-based rapper also outlines how rare it is to find real royalty in the streets and in the music industry nowadays. He also pays tribute to his neighborhood, where he grew up and rose to prominence as a rapper.

1. My Beyonce


The number one song on our countdown of the top ten best Lil Durk songs is the single “My Beyonce,” which features Dej Loaf. The song initially appeared in Lil Durk’s 2015 mixtape 300 Days, 300 Nights and was later included in his second studio album, Lil Durk 2X. In the song, Lil Durk and Dej Loaf confirm the rumors that they were dating as he showers infatuating praise to Dej Loaf. On the other hand, Dej Loaf joins in with some gushing lyrics, including a line where she says that she is willing to change her name for him.

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