The 10 Best Jerry Jeff Walker Albums of All Time

Jerry Jeff Walker

Jerry Jeff Walker is an American country singer, songwriter, and artist. His journey to building his career started in the late 1950s. He rose to fame with his self-penned song “Mr. Bojangles.” His albums consistently rank among the best-selling Texas Country releases of all time. Jerry Jeff Walker’s “best of” album includes his most famous songs as well as other great tracks from his entire career. Born in Oneonta, New York, in 1942, his deeply religious mother instilled a love of country music in him. Walker grew up listening to Hank Williams, Jim Reeves, and Johnny Horton. He also started writing songs in his teens, some of which became hits for other artists, including “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” “Streetsville,” “Take Me Back to Tulsa,” and “Alibis.” Sadly, he died on October 23rd 2020, from throat cancer. Despite his demise, Walker will forever be remembered for his top all-time country music songs. Wondering what his top songs were? Let’s check out 10 of his best hits.

10. Desperados Waiting for The Train


One of Jeff Walker’s song of all time is a 1973 release ‘desperados waiting for the train. Here Walker talks about people who have been traveling together for almost all their lives and feel like family. This song is worth listening to when on an adventure or having good moments with your closest friends you’d consider family. It warms up the hearts of many has 11,000 views on YouTube.

9. Railroad Lady


The ‘railroad lady’ is a country song that Walker released in 1977. It’s about a man who meets up with a woman who had a not-so-good past life. But, both seem less concerned about each other’s past life, probably due to their heated lust for each other. With 12,000 views on YouTube, it’s fair to rank this song as a classic hit.

8. I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight


Looking for Jerry Jeff Walker’s song that touches on professional and personal life? ‘I feel like Hank Williams tonight; a 1989 release is a perfect choice. Though this song is a tribute to Hank Williams, the words may keep you moving. It talks about Hank’s professional and personal life as the father of country music. Nevertheless, aren’t we supposed to relate music to our own life’s ad experiences? The 160,000 viewers on YouTube must have found this song worth listening to and informative. Similar to other artists who decided to cover this Walker’s original version.

7. Sangria Wine


For the oenophiles, here is your hit, ‘sangria wine.’ This song praises the Sangria wine and encourages wine lovers to drink as much as they can. Furthermore, stating the advantages of drinking this type of wine and hosting parties that serve the Sangria wine. The song was released in 1973 and has 247,000 views on YouTube. Are you a wine enthusiast? Tune in Sangria wine.

6. Jaded Lover


Here is a song about couples who fall out of love at some point. According to the lyric, one of the partners moves on in an attempt to find love again. The other partner watches their former lover jump from one person to another. In this song, Walker questions how the person will feel after their partner finally moves on. Though released in 1975, ‘Jaded lover’ is still one of the Walkers hits. A fact confirmed through the 278,000 views on YouTube. Musicians like Jason Halverson have also released covers of the song.

5. Gettin’ By


Ever heard of ‘gettin’ by’, which was released in 1973? This song has 384,000 views on YouTube) and has been covered by some great musicians like Cory Chisel. It’s the song to play when you want to convey the importance of using and appreciating what you have at the moment. Some people think like they must have their dreams fulfilled to be thankful. However, Walker has a different opinion. He is, through this song, urging everyone to be grateful at the moment.

4. L.A Freeway


‘LA freeway’ was a 1972 release with 631,000 views on YouTube. Like most Jerry Jeff Walker’s songs, this also has several covers, from Mark Singer, Guy Clark, and Chief Wasabi, some of the world’s admired artists. The ‘LA freeway’ song is about an easy to manipulate character. It narrows the message to an individual easy to trust others words blindly, a behavior that finally changes them to a different person. But they manage to rediscover themselves and end up claiming their true self

3. Pissin’ In The Wind


Pissing’ in the wind is another hit song released in 1975. Today the song has over 923,000 views on YouTube. Numerous artists have covered this song, with Todd Snider making his release on April 24th 2012 and Ginger Graham’s releasing his version in 1984. The name pissin’ refers to something pointless or completely useless actions. Through these lyric’s, Walker talks about people who strive but do not achieve much, and they later tell their children the efforts they made back in the days with a smile on their faces.

2. Mr. Bojangles


Mr. Bojangles song was released in 1968. It has so far gathered 925,000 views on YouTube. The song became famous in Jerry Jeff’s version, but numerous other artists such as Nillson, Bobby Bare, and Randy Travis have had the privilege to cover this Walker’s original lyrics. The Mr. Bojangles is a song worth tuning in whenever you feel lonely. At first, the tone might sound a bit comic, but if you listen to it several times, you’ll notice the sadness in this artist’s tone. Walker talks about a lonely man who spent his life traveling, and the only way he could source income was by dancing in bars or public. This man makes friends with a dog to overcome his lonely state. Sadly, the dog dies, and he grieves for losing the only friend he had ever made.

1. Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother


The ‘up against the wall redneck mother’ song was his 1973 release. It has acquired 1.4 million views on YouTube. The song has been covered by numerous artists, like Bobby Bare, Ray Wylie Hubbard, On’ry Waymore, among others. But what message does it convey? The lyric’s talk of someone stuck in circles of trouble who blames his situation on his redneck mother.

Summing Up

Music is good for the brain. We get to express feelings and release anxiety and emotional pains through it. That said, great musicians like Jeff Walker, who understand the value of good music, will remain in the hearts of many forever. Not because of their achievements but for leaving a legacy in the music industry.

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