Till Lindemann Releases A New Version of “Lubimiy Gorod” With A Music Video

Till Lindemann Releases A New Version of "Lubimiy Gorod" With A Music Video

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann released a new version of his latest solo single Lubimiy Gorod with a brand new music video. He released the single two weeks ago for the release of the Russian movie Devyatayev, directed by Timur Bekmambetov and Sergey Trofimov. The movie came out on April 29th, a week after Lindemann released Lubimiy Gorod. The song is entirely in Russian, and a slow one, despite the usual style of Lindemann that we know. He released the first version of Lubimiy Gorod without an orchestra, and with a different video. Here is the orchestral version of Lindemann’s “Beloved Town”.

The music video is a classy one, accurately lining up with the orchestral sounds. It takes place in the Hermitage Museum of Russia, in the city of Saint Petersburg. Here is the first Lindemann version of the song. It was originally written before the second world war, in 1939. Evgeniy Dolmatovskiy wrote the lyrics while the music by Nikita Bogoslovskiy. The original version of Lubimiy Gorod became immensely popular in the USSR, and actor Mark Bernes sang it in the movie 1941 movie Fighter Jets. Who could have guessed a German industrial metal sensation could sing it like that in the future?

Lindemann, as a separate band, are going to release their new album

Till Lindemann is especially active those days. He released a new performance video for Lindemann’s new live album Live in Moscow. After releasing videos for Blut, Allesfresser, and Praise Abort, Lindemann shared his performance of Home Sweet Home. The whole Live in Moscow album is going to be released on March 21. However, you can already listen to four songs from the album via the streaming platforms.

There is also going to be a movie for the album, which they’re going to release on May 21. The movie will feature Lindemann’s performance in Moscow on March 15, 2020, which they call “the great party before the global shutdown.”

Unfortunately, Lindemann is not going to continue with the current lineup. This project will be the last one with Peter Tägtgren and Till Lindemann, as they announced their break-up the last November. “As Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren confirm today, the two artists have ended their collaboration on the project ‘Lindemann’. Both will be pursuing their own plans in the future,” they said. We’re not going to see the project come to an end though. While the musicians will each pursue their own career, Till is going to form another team to carry on with Lindemann.

What about Rammstein?

We hope Till Lindemann and Rammstein are ready for the release of their next album, too. In February 2021, Rammstein announced that they recorded their next album during the lockdown. The whole recording process is done, and we’re waiting for the album to come out as soon as possible. They did not mention any release date, so we’re short of information on that topic. However, you can check out Christoph Schneider’s performance of an untitled song, presumably from the next album. The band shared that on Instagram seven months ago, probably while they were recording the songs in the next album. To be honest, the performance gives me goosebumps and I’m so excited about the next album.

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