Lindemann Share a Live Video For “Home Sweet Home” Ahead of Album Release

Lindemann share a live video for Home Sweet Home ahead of album release

Lindemann released a new live performance in the scope of their Live in Moscow album, and it is for Home Sweet Home this time. We previously saw them release live performance videos for Allesfresser, Praise Abort, and Blut from the same show. The whole album is going to be released later this month, on May 21. We do not have that much left until we can listen to and watch Lindemann’s latest live shows in all their glory. They are going to release the album in various formats such as Blu-ray, DVD, and a super deluxe box set with only 4,000 copies. That set will also include masks of Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren. Without further ado, let’s check out the latest live video from Lindemann’s Live in Moscow:


Lindemann held this performance last year in Moscow, as indicated by the title. It was shot on March 15 in VTB Arena. The concert is accurately described as “the great party before the global shutdown.” You can listen to Lindemann’s Live in Moscow album on March 21 via Apple Music and Spotify. As we mentioned, some tracks from the album, Blut, Home Sweet Home, Praise Abort, and Allesfresser are already available to stream. This new one will probably be the last until they release the album. That’s because Lindemann released live videos of their tracks from the new album with two-week intervals. We only have two weeks left until the album, so they will probably just go ahead and release the whole thing unless the interval changes. We might see one last release just before the album, too.

Unfortunately, this project is the last Lindemann installment with Peter Tägtgren, at least for the foreseeable future. The duo announced last November that they were going to break up, and each would follow their own career.

“As Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren confirm today, the two artists have ended their collaboration on the project ‘Lindemann’. Both will be pursuing their own plans in the future,” their announcement read. Till Lindemann is still going to be active in the name of Lindemann. He is going to set up a new team to continue Lindemann’s activity.

Till recently released a solo single under the name of Till Lindemann. The single was not very like him, despite Lindemann being able to pull that off as well. The single is titled “Любимый город,” which means beloved town, and as you would guess, is entirely in Russian. The track is a slow one, as opposed to the usual heaviness of the artist. In spite of a different language and style, Till Lindemann managed to give us a great piece of music.


If you want to hear about Rammstein as well, we’ve got some exciting news. The band announced two months ago that they finished the recording session for the next album. This means they can release it approximately by the end of this year, but we don’t have an official announcement on that yet. While waiting for it, you can check a part of their music that’s presumably going to be in Rammstein’s next album.

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