The 10 Best Morgan Wallen Songs of All-Time

Most country music fans know Morgan Wallen as someone who competed on “The Voice” and later went on to become a successful country music singer and songwriter. At only 29 years of age, there is no doubt that he has experienced more than his fair share of success at a relatively young age. However, he’s not really all that much different than most so-called overnight success stories.

In reality, he’s been working on this goal for the overwhelming majority of his life. It’s only now that most people are able to take advantage of some of his music. Of course, others have been on the journey with him for much longer. Below are 10 of his best songs. If you’re inclined, take some time to listen to them and decide whether or not it’s time to add some new music to your own playlist.

10. Don’t Think Jesus (2022)

This is actually a really sweet song about the way that people typically live their lives. In the lyrics, a person is playing songs about getting high, drunk and womanizing. Eventually, he starts to actually carry out those acts in his day-to-day life. He feels unworthy of being loved, yet he is reminded that Jesus loves everyone, even those who did things that they sometimes have a difficult time forgiving themselves for. It really is a song about redemption and being loved, even when you’re at your worst.

9. Talkin’ Tennessee (2018)

There is a distinct difference between the mindset of people who typically prefer the urban lifestyle and those who truly enjoy living life in rural areas. This is a song about a person who grew up in the country and is very proud of his home state of Tennessee.

In the lyrics, he’s talking to a girl who has had a number of relationships with people that enjoyed a more urban lifestyle, yet she’s never been happy with any of those relationships. He’s trying to convince her that if she decides to have a relationship with him, he can show her that people who grow up in a more rural environment are different.

8. Spin You Around (2015)

Like a lot of country songs, this one is about seeing someone that catches the storyteller’s eye at some type of social event and not being able to take his eyes off of her. The two of them are at opposite ends of the room, yet she is the only thing that he can look at. More importantly, she’s the only thing he can really think about. All he wants to do is dance with her, but he’s hoping that by getting a dance or two in, the relationship will turn into something more.

7. The Way I Talk (2018)

This is an interesting song that talks about not only the dialects that individual people have depending on where they are from, but also the specific phrases that are used in one area that aren’t as popular in another. In the song, the person is using his dialect to get the attention of girls.

However, the lyrics to the song bring up an important point. People do seem to be naturally attracted to certain accents or even certain dialects. It’s interesting to disseminate why some people absolutely love one accent while loading another.

6. Up Down (2017)

There are plenty of country music songs that are about drinking and this is definitely one of them. It talks about getting off of work and getting hammered, to the point that the person in the song literally doesn’t know the difference between up and down. Most people can identify with this feeling, even if they do have a bit of trouble remembering what it feels like from time to time.

This has been a popular topic in songs of all genres for years, but it has more or less dominated many country music songs. This one is more recent and proof that the subject matter isn’t likely to go away any time in the near future.

5. Whiskey Glasses (2018)

Here you have another song about getting completely wasted. In the lyrics, the person singing is so drunk that he really isn’t able to see anything clearly. That also means that he’s not able to clearly see the problems that he has in certain relationships or the fact that his drinking is largely causing some of those issues. It’s told in a somewhat funny manner, yet the song is very realistic in the sense that many people who drink too much often don’t understand what they’re doing to themselves (or those around them).

4. Somebody’s Problem (2020)

This is a song about running into a beautiful girl at a party who is alone. At first, the boy really wants to go meet her but then he starts to wonder why she’s by herself. Eventually, he decides that she must be a real handful of she’s that pretty and no one is with her. This makes him think twice about introducing himself.

3. Thought You Should Know (2022)

This song pulls at the heartstrings a bit. In the lyrics, one individual is talking to his mother and telling her all the things that he’s been doing that he wishes he’d done differently. He talks about chasing fame, fortune and women as opposed to living the way she taught him he should live when he was younger.

He goes on to say that he knows that she prayed endlessly for him. While she thought those prayers were wasted, they were actually having a profound impact because he’s now ready to change his ways.

2. You Proof (2022)

As you might have guessed from the title, this is a song about a relationship that goes completely wrong. At first, the person in the lyrics is completely devastated. Eventually, he comes to see that things were never really as they seemed in the first place. He’s essentially telling the other person in the relationship that he no longer cares one way or the other that things didn’t work out as planned.

1. Chasin’ You (2018)

Last but not least, you have a song about wanting to be in a relationship with someone. You want to spend the majority of your time trying to make that work. It’s a song that a lot of people can identify with, even those who have known all along that it might not do any good to chase a particular individual. In fact, the song centers around the fact that you sometimes spend your whole life chasing someone, only to come up short. In the process od doing so, you miss out on everything else.

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