The 10 Best Five for Fighting Songs of All-Time

Five for Fighting

When you hear the name Vladimir John Ondrasik, III, you probably don’t automatically think of one of the most well known musicians in the world. However, you may well know him by his stage name, Five for Fighting. Understandably, a lot of people who aren’t yet familiar with his work think that this is the name of a group, but he is a solo performer. He’s known for touching ballads in the soft rock genre, but he’s also a record producer and gifted pianist. Below are 10 of his best songs. They’re all ranked from number 10 to number one. If you’re intrigued, check out the YouTube links for a few of his songs and see which ones you like best.

10. Bella’s Birthday Cake (1997)


This is a rather interesting song about someone who is lonely, yet trying to find their way in the world. It’s interesting when you stop and think about just how many people there are who get up and go to work each and every day, yet feel so completely alone that they don’t really know what to do with themselves. If you’ve ever run into one of those people that seems like they have everything together on the outside, yet are actually breaking on the inside, then you know what the song is about. Perhaps you’ve even felt that way yourself a time or two.

9. I Just Love You (2006)


If you’re in the mood for a very sad love ballad, you don’t need to look any further. This song talks about loving someone so much that you feel as though you have actually left your heart with that person. It goes on to talk about how that feels when the relationship doesn’t work out and the individual in question literally feels their heart shatter because of this failed relationship. The rest of the song deals with feeling like you’re nothing more than a shell of your former self, someone who is forced into the rut of doing the same thing day in and day out, yet not really living life because the person that made you feel alive isn’t there anymore.

8. Heaven Knows (2013)


Talking about tearjerkers, this song deals with knowing that you’re losing someone that you love more than anybody else in the whole world. You know they’re dying and you’re trying to say everything that you would want to say to them through an entire lifetime in the very finite amount of time that you have left. The song eventually progresses to having the individual in question simply talk to Heaven in hopes that the person they loved so much can hear them because they are in so much pain and they have so many things to tell them.

7. Easy Tonight (2000)


This song has a tendency to sum up the types of feelings that often occur when two people have a fight. If you’ve ever been involved in one of those fights where it seems like you’ve gone so many rounds that you don’t even know what’s been said, much less how you feel, then you can probably get in touch with the song. Ultimately, it talks about not knowing who is right or who is wrong. Moreover, the song is quick to point out the fact that in most cases, this doesn’t even matter.

6. 100 Years (2004)


This is a song that will definitely help put things in perspective for you if you’re struggling with that sort of thing. It is told from the perspective of someone giving a first-hand account of their life at different ages. Some parts of the song seem a bit happy and others are far more melancholy. When you put the whole thing together, it can definitely help you understand that time goes by very quickly and that time should not be wasted because once it’s gone, it’s not something that you can get back.

5. World (2006)


The lyrics in the song are interesting in the sense that they ask you what you would include if you could build a world according to your own thoughts, feelings and ideas. Most of us have thought about daydreaming where we could build a world all our own that doesn’t involve all of the heartache that is sometimes involved with reality. This is a song that points out that things aren’t always so simple and you should be careful what you wish for before you get yourself into more trouble than you counted on.

4. What If (2013)


This is the song that talks about trying to reach out to someone who may not always be so receptive to what you’re trying to tell them. In fact, it flatly states that you can only do so much and that in reality, the outcome is usually up to the other individual. What if they choose to heed your advice and accept your help? What if they don’t? You can offer the same advice or offer to help someone all day long, but you can’t make them take it. Their choice can make all the difference in the world in both their life and your own.

3. If God Made You (2004)


Here’s the song that deals with thinking about how God must feel about someone if He created another person that can be so deeply loved. At its core, it’s a song that explores love and how much that feeling can change a person.

2. Chances (2009)


The song is a bit melancholy, but it really deals with the chances that people take in everyday life as well as the chances that something will work out versus those that it won’t. In many aspects, it’s quite realistic. It gets a little bit on the sad side of things when it starts talking about how it’s more likely than not that things won’t work out in your favor and that no matter how well something works today, it won’t last forever so you’ll end up losing it in the long run anyway. If you can get past that part, there’s some good advice in the song but you might not want to listen to it until you’re feeling emotionally strong because it can definitely make you depressed if you’re already in a questionable state of mind.

1. Superman (2001)


Almost everyone has heard this song at least a few times on the radio. It’s written in a tongue-in-cheek manner as if the singer is saying that he is the character from the movies but in reality, it’s talking more about how when someone feels like they’re very strong and they have it all in control, they might feel like Superman, yet in reality, they feel like they are anything but in control. If you’ve ever admired someone and considered them your Superman, you might stop to think about the fact that they also have days when they feel just as confused and lost as you do.

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