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MEGADETH Frontman Dave Mustaine: “I’m writing a new record”

MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine revealed the new album recording session almost complete. This new album also the band’s follow-up to 2016’s “Dystopia” album.

In October, we shared the new MEGADETH album release in 2021 according to Mustaine. He also rid of his throat cancer after when he shared it on his social media accounts. Now, Dave Mustaine again updated the fans for the new album’s recording sessions. We also don’t know the album title but we can update this when we heard the album title, certain release date, or more.

During a new interview with Full Metal Jackie radio program, Dave Mustaine gives an update about the upcoming and new MEGADETH album:

“I just found out yesterday, believe it or not, we got our delivery date when they want me to have the record turned in by. I’ve had a pretty busy last two years. We were getting ready to start to record, and then stuff started going wrong with my throat, and we found out about the throat cancer. The treatment for the cancer was completed in six months, which was mind-blowing for me.

But besides that, there were so many other things that had gone wrong. We have the pandemic here, and we have all these things that are going on. The work that I do that affects the people around me, it affects me ’cause I care so much about our fans.”

He also commented on the Experience Hendrix tour:

“When we were out doing the Hendrix thing last year, we came back to just get started on the record,” he continued. “I thought, ‘Okay, we’re gonna blast through this.’ And then, the boom here comes the pandemic, and everything drops down a couple of gears. But you know what? We’re [MEGADETH] still working every day, and the record’s getting done.

It’s funny ’cause every person that I know — well, not every person, but the people that I know that know I’m writing a new record, and God bless ’em — they all go, ‘So, are you gonna write about the coronavirus?’ And I’m thinking, ‘Well, now there’s a thought…'”

You can listen to the entire interview below!

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