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Kirk Hammett Says ‘Master of Puppets’ is Unique in the Metal Music History

METALLICA‘s guitarist, songwriter, and rock legend Kirk Hammett spoke about the album “Master of Puppets”. He also talked about the story of the album and the recording process of the songs.

Master of Puppets” is an album released by the American heavy metal band METALLICA in 1986. It is the third studio album of the band and was released by Elektra Records. The album, consisting of 8 songs, was extremely popular when it was released and climbed to 29th place on Billboard 200. It is widely regarded as one of the biggest and most influential heavy metal albums of all time. Unfortunately, this album is the last album of the band’s bassist Cliff Burton.

METALLICA‘s solo guitarist and songwriter Kirk Hammett recently spoke to Icons. Speaking about the “Master of Puppets” album released in 1986 during the conversation, the artist told the story of some songs in the album.

Kirk Hammett also 24 at the time, said that they had a lot of energy and that this energy was reflected in albums and festivals. Saying that they need to get this energy out, Kirk said the only way is music. This exactly coincides with the formation process of the “Master of Puppets” album.

“The fact of the matter is that back then, we all were just all so energetic naturally, we all just had so much energy, and we just needed a place to get it all out. And the music was where it all came out.”

While they were putting together the album “Master of Puppets“, he said everything was incredible and somehow they got caught up in the rhythm. Touching on the opening riff of the song “Master of Puppets” in particular, the artist said: “And the only thing that was 100% realized with that song was the opening riff, you know, the main riff. Everything kind of just came after it.”

Kirk Hammett also talked about another song from the album, “Disposable Heroes” and said that he was really impressed during the recording process and even remembered this song for days. Even at rehearsals, he said he had more and more fans every time he played the song.

“Every time I’d show up for a rehearsal, and it came time to play another song, I’d get this lump in my throat. I was like, ‘Wow, I’m physically reacting to this song on a subconscious level. That’s what that tells me.”

Kirk had the same feelings in his song “Sanitarium”. He describes these sensations as a lump in his throat.

Stating that this feeling is in all “Master of Puppets” songs, Kirk said that there are no songs similar to the songs in this album right now and that is why it has been among the most successful albums for so long.
He also thinks that even people who are not familiar with Heavy Metal culture or music will love the “Master of Puppets” album. That’s why he says the album is unique and unchangeable.

“It’s such a unique album and everything that we knew at that point – all our skills, all our knowledge, all our creativity, all our inspirations, our influence, were imparted into that album.

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