Jared Leto’s ‘Morbius’ Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and Trailer

Jared Leto enters the Marvel universe with the Morbius movie. You can learn all the details about the Morbius movie with this article.

Marvel‘s cinematic world had entered the anti-hero world with Venom, and they want to continue that with his famous Spider-Man nemesis Morbius. People love anti-hero movies, and Sony Pictures is aware of that. Sony clearly sees great potential in applying this approach to comic book films, especially when Venom’s worldwide box office total left theaters to over $855 million.

Morbius vs Spider-Man, Marvel Comics

Morbius vs Spider-Man, Marvel Comics

However, COVID-19 makes things quite difficult. The movie Morbius, starring Jared Leto, had to be postponed several times due to the pandemic. So what is the latest information about the movie?

When is the Morbius release date?

If everything was normal and 2020 was not a disaster, we would be able to watch Morbius in the summer of 2020. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the film was first postponed to 19 March 2021 and, according to the latest information, to October 2020.

We should wait a little longer to watch Marvel’s Living Vampire. But fortunately, 2020 didn’t bring us a vampire catastrophe.

Jared Leto, Morbius

Jared Leto, Morbius

Who is the cast of the Morbius?

The Morbius cast will be led by Jared Leto, who will play the titular Dr. Michael Morbius, and this movie will be Jared Leto‘s first Marvel movie. But it’s not his first anti-hero role. As you know, Leto also has played The Joker character in the DC universe. But don’t worry, it’s been confirmed that playing Morbius won’t affect his future as the Joker in other DC movies.

You can see the other cast of the movie below.

  • Jared Leto – Dr. Michael Morbius
  • Adria Arjona – Martine Bancroft
  • Matt Smith – Loxias Crown
  • Jared Harris – Morbius’ mentor
  • Tyrese Gibson – FBI Agent

What is ‘Morbius’ movie synopsis?

Morbius‘ debut movie will be a starting story for the character. According to what we have known so far, the character seems to be quite fun. Michael Morbius becomes a living vampire while trying to cure the rare blood disease.

The villain of the movie is Loxias Crown, aka Hunger. Hunger is another living vampire with abilities similar to Morbius.

The character has never been mentioned before in an MCU, Sony, or Fox movie, which makes the movie even more attractive. You can watch the trailer below!

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