The 10 Best Mother Mother Songs of All-Time

Mother Mother

The countdown of the 10 Best Mother Mother songs of all time looks at some fantastic songs from this indie rock band hailing from British Columbia, Canada. The band, which was formed in January 2005, comprises five members, with Ryan Guldemond as the lead guitar and vocalist. Lately, the band has seen its popularity surge after their music went viral on TikTok. Throught their career, the band has released eight studio albums, and they are regarded as one of the greatest alt-rock bands to ever come out of Canada. Here is our list of the top ten Mother Mother songs.

10. Verbatim

The number ten song on our countdown of the top ten Mother Mother songs is the track Verbatim which talks about how people define femininity and masculinity using specific characteristics. The song also talks about the incinerator smokestack, which perhaps reminds them of their mortality. The song has a great instrumental with amazing guitar tunes that make it quite catchy.

9. Infinitesimal

Coming in at number nine is the track “Infinitesimal,” which comes from the band’s 2012 album, The Sticks. The song is about finding happiness in your imperfections in an unfathomably huge universe that doesn’t care. Rather than feeling sorry for your problems, the singer says you should make fun of your existentialism. In a real sense, you are just a tiny part of the universe. As the song lyrics go, “There’s a million, billion, trillion stars but i’m down here low.” What a fantastic song with a great message.

8. Ghosting

Throughout this song, the singer says that he is over it, and he knows that it is for the best. For this reason, I tend to believe that this song is about someone having a rough time trying to move on from a past relationship. However, in the last verse, the singer seems as if he is trying to plead with his lover to change her mind and take them back; hence his feeling seems to come out as unresolved. “Ghosting” is the second track from mother Mother’s 2008 album, O My Heart.

7. Arms Tonite

The number seven song on our list is another song from the band’s 2008 album, O My Heart. Like most of the other Mother Mother songs, “Arms Tonite” contains a great intro which can be pretty misleading. The track is about having a great feeling (out of the body) during one of your cuddling sessions with a loved one. The song is a cute love song with a great beat. The opening guitar solo is also excellent, and the vocals in the final verse make this song very catchy.

6. Let’s Fall In Love

Coming in at number six on our list of the top ten Mother Mother songs of all time is the track “Let’s Fall In Love,” which comes off their 2012 album, The Sticks. The song contains some ambiguous lyrics about love and sex, with the singer clearly in a dilemma about whether falling in love is good or not. The track is significantly influenced by Cole Porter’s 1928 song, “Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall In Love.” The song has an incredible video that shows the emotional turmoils of love in relationships with an exciting boxing match between a guy and his girlfriend. The song features an outstanding performance by Jasmine, with great vocals in a song that I could listen to all day long.

5. Burning Pile

“Burning Pile” is one of the most liked Mother Mother songs. The track comes from their 2008 album, O My Heart. The song references the Beatles’ song, “Taxman,” and narrates a story of a guy who refuses to solve their problems and instead opts to burn them and, in the end, catches fire himself.

4. It’s Alright

The number four song in our countdown of the greatest Mother Mother songs of all time is the seventh and sole representative song from their 2018 album, Dance and Cry. The song is about not being overly critical for making mistakes since, at the end of the day, you are human. Apart from the brilliant message, this song contains some incredible tunes, and the vocals are like three minutes of therapy. If you are ever having a breakdown over mistakes that you have made, you need to listen to this song.

3. Bit By Bit

“Bit By Bit” is one of my favorite songs that show how phenomenal Mother Mother are as musicians. It’s the one song that always sticks in my head for a long time after listening to it. The song is quite anthemic, with lyrics that encourage people to live a wild and free life. I would definitely;y like to see the band perform this song at a concert.

2. Hayloft

“Hayloft” is the eighth track and arguably the biggest hit on Mother Mother’s sophomore album, O My Heart. The song’s lyrics tell a tale of two lovers who are caught making love in the hayloft of a barn by a father who intends to shoot his child’s lover for the act rather than trespass. The song is so catchy, and the intro feels like a long Disney channel introduction. “Hayloft” is a song that you should definitely check out.

1. The Stand

The top song on our list of the ten best Mother Mother songs of all time is the lead song from their third studio album, Eureka. The song’s lyrics are a ridiculous conversation between a guy and a girl, whereby the girl is easily influenced while the guy takes a stand. “The Stand” was the first song from the band to chart on the Canadian Hot 100, where it peaked at position 76. The song also peaked at #3 on the Canadian Alternative Chart and is arguably their biggest hit to this day.

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