Ranking All The Pentatonix Studio Albums


Pentatonix are an a cappella group that received widespread attention by winning the third season of The Sing-Off. They used that attention well, with the result that they have since released 11 studio albums. Much of Pentatonix’s music consists of their interpretations of other people’s music. However, it is interesting to note that they have produced a fair amount of original music as well. On the whole, Pentatonix have been very successful, particularly since they have also managed to win not one, not two, but three Grammys so far.

10. Christmas Is Here!


It isn’t uncommon for artists to put out a Christmas album at some point. However, Pentatonix are notable in that they have put out multiple Christmas albums over the course of their career, with every indication that they will continue putting them out in the times to come. Naturally, some of those Christmas albums have been better than the others, which in turn, means that some of those Christmas albums have been worse as well. As such, 2016’s Christmas Is Here! occupies the bottom of this list.

9. We Need a Little Christmas


Unsurprisingly, We Need a Little Christmas is also a Christmas album. It makes for decent listening during the holiday season. Outside of that time period, well, suffice to say that interested individuals might want to look for something else.

8. Evergreen


Speaking of which, Evergreen would be the most recent of those Christmas albums, having come out in 2021. It isn’t as good as some of Pentatonix’s other releases of this kind. Still, it benefits from the fact that Pentatonix have been around for about a decade’s time because their experience shows on it.

7. A Pentatonix Christmas


A Pentatonix Christmas was Pentatonix’s second Christmas album. Even so, it is one of their better ones, as shown by how it managed to reach the number one position on the Billboard 200. It is interesting to note that A Pentatonix Christmas includes a couple of original songs as well, with one being “Good to Be Bad” and the other being “The Christmas Sing-Along.”

6. That’s Christmas to Me


That’s Christmas to Me would be the predecessor to A Pentatonix Christmas. It had an original song as well. Indeed, That’s Christmas to Me is named for said song, thus making it the title track as well. In total, the release managed to sell 1.14 million copies in 2014, which were enough to make the fourth best-selling release from any one in that year. After which, That’s Christmas to Me went on to be certified double-platinum. Under those circumstances, it is no wonder that Pentatonix likes to release Christmas albums on a regular basis. Certainly, it is working out well for them in a financial sense.

5. The Lucky Ones


Other than Evergreen, The Lucky Ones would be the most recent of Pentatonix’s releases. It is one of the group’s two studio albums that feature either all or almost all original music. Unfortunately, The Lucky Ones is rather inconsistent. There are some very good songs on it. However, those are dragged down by the rest, which are neither novel in nature nor capable of standing out through some other merit.

4. PTX Presents: Top Pop, Vol. I


This was the first time that one of Pentatonix’s studio albums had no original songs whatsoever. Even so, interested individuals should have no problem guessing what to expect from this release considering its name. The group’s covers remained enjoyable. Furthermore, the selection of the songs wasn’t wholly absent of interest. Combined, this meant that even though the release can’t be considered the best of Pentatonix’s best, it was still good enough to claim a decent position on this list.

3. PTX, Vols. 1 & 2


Technically, this release was a combination of two EPs plus a trio of tracks that had already been released as singles. Still, it has the honor of being considered Pentatonix’s first studio album. Unsurprisingly, it is very much a product of the early 2010s. Some of its songs have managed to age well, meaning that they remain as enjoyable as ever. Others haven’t managed the same feat, whether because the cultural context has shifted around them or because of some other reason. Regardless, this can still be considered one of the best releases from Pentatonix, meaning that it is still very much worth a listen.

2. Pentatonix


As mentioned earlier, Pentatonix has released two studio albums containing either all or almost all original music. The second was The Lucky Ones. Meanwhile, the first was their self-titled studio album that came out in October of 2015. It was something of a risk for a group that had been focused on covers for so long. Still, it managed to pay off because the result was quite impressive, particularly since the nature of a cappella means that the group members managed to make that music with nothing but their voices.

1. PTX


PTX was Pentatonix’s second studio album. As such, one could say that it was the first time that the group had set out to make a full-length studio album, seeing as how its predecessor gathered together preexisting material. Whatever the case, PTX proved to be very good, thus making it clear in an instant that Pentatonix wouldn’t be going away anytime soon. Even now, it remains iconic for the group, seeing as how it consists of covers that have been done in their particular style. Combined, that is enough to make PTX deserving of the number one position on this list.

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