Which TV Shows that Disney+ Star and Netflix UK release?

Disney+ has started a new concept in its platform called Disney+ Star. The new concept has been very popular in the UK and is now celebrating its first year. Much new content is being added and most of them also are available on Netflix. 

When it comes to Netflix, the series and movies are available but when will they fully leave Netflix and be added especially on Disney+ Star? The channel is also aiming to have more adult streamers. Extra content on the star channel is not free. The monthly cost of the service will have to increase by 33%. Subscribers of the star channel will now pay £7.99 a month, compared with the current price being £5.99.

Star Exclusives That Were on Netflix UK Before

  • Drugs, Inc (Seasons 1-7) removed from Netflix UK in January 2021 (seasons have departed slowly over time)
  • Mars (Season 1-2) removed from Netflix UK in November 2020
  • Terra Nova (Season 1) removed from Netflix UK in October 2018
  • The Killing (Seasons 1-4) removed from Netflix UK in January 2018
  • Firefly (Season 1) removed from Netflix UK in January 2017
  • Lie to Me (Seasons 1-3) removed from Netflix UK in October 2016
  • American Dad – ITV / Sky
  • Brothers & Sisters – Prime Video
  • Desperate Housewives – Prime Video
  • Family Guy – ITV / Sky
  • Grey’s Anatomy – Prime Video
  • LOST – Prime Video
  • Scandal – Prime Video
  • The X-Files – Prime Video

Disney+ Star Licenses Released with Netflix UK

  • Glee (Seasons 1-6) available on Netflix since June 2019
  • How I Met Your Mother (Seasons 1-9) available on Netflix since December 2015
  • Modern Family (Seasons 1-8) available since May 2020
  • Prison Break (Seasons 1-5) available since October 2018
  • Sons of Anarchy (Seasons 1-7) available since 2015

Due to the pandemic, the lockdown this past year increased the number of streamers in the UK. The approximate numbers are Disney+ by 12.8 million to Netflix and 11.4 million to Prime Video. Disney+ and Disney+ Star have also turned their focus on adult films and the children’s market. Many Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic contents are available on the streaming platform.

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