What’s series and movies leaving Netflix in March 2020

Netflix March 2020 leaving a full list is here for what’s leaving on the upcoming month. Also, we will be updating our leaving titles from a streaming platform.

We’re so close to March and there are a few titles leaving on Netflix. As next month there’s a lot of rumors about what’s leaving and which series departed from streaming service. Before we get into this list you can remember Studio Ghibli titles added to the library. As the month gets closer we’ve got leaving titles also and update this article as possible.

Here are the series and movies leaving Netflix in March 2020

You can find out which originals movies and series are leaving for the streaming platform in March. Here’s the short preview for that: Velvet, PBS/BBC Earth library, Brain Games and more.

Netflix on March 1st

  • 9 Months That Made You – 2016 Movies
  • Brain Games (Series) – Your brain can be a big tease, but you can still be a brainiac. Play along with these mind blowers and see how you do.
  • City in the Sky (Series)
  • Civilizations (Series) – Expanding Kenneth Clark’s 1969 “Civilisation” series for a new generation, this reboot explores the art of cultures around the world, throughout time.
  • Earth’s Natural Wonders (Series)
  • Earth’s Natural Wonders: Life at the Extremes (Series)
  • Food: Delicious Science (Series)
  • Forces of Nature (Series)
  • Great Yellowstone Thaw – 2017 Movies
  • India: Nature’s Wonderland (Series)
  • Kingdoms of the Sky (Series)
  • Mahi Way – 2010 Movies
  • Nature’s Great Race (Series)
  • Nature: Animals With Cameras (Series)
  • NATURE: Natural Born Hustlers (Series)
  • Nazi Mega Weapons – 2013 Movies
  • SuperNature: Wild Flyers – 2016 Movies
  • The Mind of a Chef – 2012 Movies
  • Tip the Mouse (Series)
  • Velvet (Series) – Ana works on a plan to revolutionize Velvet. One couple faces the challenges of parenthood, while another has separated. A penitent Cristina returns.

March 2nd

  • Pioneers of African-American Cinema (Series)

March 3rd

  • I Am Me! (Series)

What’s your favorite series or movies on this list? Please comments on us!

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