Stranger Things Key Characters Returns on Season 4 New Set Photos

In season 2, Stranger Things left us dangling with some confusion as you all know. And now with the coming photos from season 4’s set. It seems maybe our questions which dating back then will get their answers eventually. And with the new set photos coming through fans, our old questions are also coming back with significant characters returning to be solved hopefully.

What happens in Season 4?

We said earlier that Stranger Things season 4 will be broadcast in 2021 unless something goes wrong. After being delayed for months, Stranger Things resumed work in the fall. And with the start of shootings, fans have been granted peeks from the set and have emerged them online.

So with the new Stranger Things season 4 set photos coming, the return of a major character from the start of the series seems what is going to happen in the upcoming season.

It has been talking for a while that season 4 is going to be about Jim Hopper, whose future fate turned into a big question mark. At season 3’s final, we saw he sacrificed himself to close the door to the Upside Down. But right after, at the end-credits scene for the finale, we also had been hinted that he survived and is being kept in a Russian prison. Presumably, that means his breaking out of the Russian prison camp is going to be what we will be watching.

An early teaser for Stranger Things seasons 4 has confirmed those theories, too.

And beyond that, early looks at the upcoming episodes, thanks to the fans, have turned the faces heading to Hawkins. A fan account also shared new photos from the set yesterday and Matthew Modine has been spotted in them. In the first season, Modine was playing Hawkins lab scientist Martin Brenner and died at the end of the season. But it was also hinted later that he survived although we couldn’t see or know more. And eventually, these new photos show us he might really have gotten away.

We were seeing Martin Brenner only via flashbacks or illusions in season 2. And his returning in Stranger Things season 4 is just the latest question fans have about the upcoming season.

Gaten Matarazzo had made a statement about the 4th season of Stranger Things will be the scariest season, if you recall. It might take a while for more plot details to be released as shootings are still ongoing. But after all delays and mishaps, most of them are because of the pandemic, we at least know that it is sooner for us to have their answers. We are not completely in the dark like we were.

stranger things season 4 set photos

stranger things season 4 set photos

stranger things season 4 set photos gaten

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