My Chemical Romance Launches Charity Collaboration With Soundwaves Art

My Chemical Romance has partnered with Soundwaves Art to produce several pieces of wave form art, with frontman Gerard Way signing select pieces to raise money for both The Trevor Project and KultureCity. The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. KultureCity is the nation’s leading nonprofit on sensory accessibility and acceptance for those with invisible disabilities. So what can you expect from these authentic My Chemical Romance prints?

These pieces are made by distorting the soundwaves of My Chemical Romance’s #1 hit from 2006, titled “Welcome to the Black Parade.” Each of the signed pieces have been signed by Gerard Way at his home in Southern California, as well as signed and hand-numbered by Soundwaves Art creator, Tim Wakefield. As far as actual pieces go, you’ve got a couple of options, including:


(Note: At the moment, all of the “Originals” are out of stock.) Each of the Original pieces feature the same wave form set over different gradients of black and gray and only one piece is created per design. The artwork measures 40 x 40 and is printed on best-in-class crystalline canvas. These pieces ship unframed with a certificate of authenticity. Unfortunately, even if you were one of the lucky few to be able to pick up one of the four pieces from the Originals, you’d have to fork over $3,500 (although two of the pieces were scratched, so they were $3,300), so unless you’ve got some big bucks laying around, you’re probably better off snagging one of the other options.

Signed Prints

(Note: At the moment, all of the signed prints are out of stock.) While there were only a total of four original designs created for the Originals pieces, there were a total of 100 copies made of the normal, signed prints. Each piece is signed by Gerard Way as well as signed and hand-numbered by Soundwaves Art creator, Tim Wakefield. Unfortunately, these sold out pretty quickly as well, even at $400. The artwork measures 24 x 24 and is printed on best-in-class crystalline canvas and come shipped unframed with a certificate of authenticity, just as the Originals.

Unsigned Prints

The other option – and really your only option, considering everything else is sold out – if you’re looking for one of these Soundwave Art pieces is to purchase one of the unsigned prints. These prints are not signed by Gerard Way, but each is still hand signed by Tim Wakefield, who by now you know is the creator of Soundwaves Art. The unsigned prints are printed on fine art canvas and comes in two different size options: 24 x 24 ($150) and 12 x 12 ($75), both options ship unframed with a certificate of authenticity. Framing is available, but only for the 24 x 24 prints, and your framing order will be refunded if you order a frame for a 12 x 12 print.

It’s really cool to see the distorted soundwaves from Welcome to the Black Parade, as well as supporting The Trevor Project and KultureCity, both excellent cause. I would have loved to get my hands on one of the signed prints…maybe next time.

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