10 Best Moenia Songs of All-Time


Moenia is a rock band from the country of Mexico who has been playing music since 2003. They have released 3 albums and 1 EP to date. The first album, titled “Moenia”, was released in 2004, and the most recent album, titled “Degeneración”, was released in 2015. Moenia has had many opportunities to travel abroad, having toured Canada several times as well as performing at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. The band’s beginnings date back to 2001 when Rodrigo Gonzalez, guitarist, and vocalist, met Juan Pablo Rodríguez, bass player, at a party in Mexico City. After playing guitar in his punk rock band called Pinche Fuego for two years and having previous experience as a drummer, Rodrigo wanted to create a new kind of rock music. In 2003 he invited Julio César García to play bass and Uxbal Fernández to play drums. The three then expanded the band with Rafa Luna on keyboards in 2005. With this new lineup, the band recorded their first album “Moenia” in 2004. Moenia has had many opportunities to travel abroad, having toured Canada several times as well as performing at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. In 2012 they toured Guatemala with concerts in Antigua and Guatemala City. Moenia’s first album, “Moenia”, was released in 2004. The lyrics of the songs were written by Rodrigo González and Uxbal Fernández. They are all about different aspects of life, and how to deal with them. The second album, “Nueva Fórmula” (2007), contains themes of love, youth, and having a good time with friends. One of the most recent albums is “Degeneración” (2015). The concept behind this album is that as time goes on, we are degenerating into something worse than what we once were. The lyrics talk about drug addiction, aging, and loss of hope.

10. “Como Ves Tu”


Released in 2001, “Como Ves Tu” is the tenth best song by Moenia. The lyrics are about what someone sees when they look at or think of the person they love. It is a song about comparing oneself to another. The song has a catchy melody that accompanies the unique lyrics.

9. “Me Equivoque”


This song is Moenia’s greatest ballad. It talks about a love that was doomed from the beginning and how they both knew it. The sorrowful tone in the voice of the singer helps bring this song to life, and you can feel every word she sings.

8. “Lo Mas Grave”


“Lo Mas Grave” is a song about the struggle of depression. It references feeling numb and how it’s hard to believe that you will ever feel better. The song is written in the first person, so it feels like you’re listening to someone talk about their struggles with depression.

7. “Morir Tres Veces”


Morir Tres Veces is the seventh-best Moenia song of all time. The Latin lyrics in this song are translated to “Die Three Times.” This song is a very powerful declaration that says that you can’t give up on life. It’s about pushing through even in the most difficult times and never giving up no matter what.

6. “No Dices Mas”


Although not one of their most popular songs, “No Dices Mas” is one of the best from their latest album. In this song, Moenia sings about a relationship that went wrong because of miscommunication.

5. “LLegaste a Mi”


This song is about a girl who has been hurt by her love and is feeling lonely. The lyrics are powerful and they speak to the loneliness that love can cause. According to AllMusic, It’s also a perfect breakup anthem for those who have experienced heartbreak before.

4. “Sufre Conmigo”


“Sufre Conmigo” is the fourth-best Moenia song of all time. This song from their most recent album, “Este Tiempo Pasará,” has a strong Latin influence with a catchy chorus that you’ll find yourself singing for hours after listening. The lyrics are about living in pain and finding happiness in it. It’s not an easy song to listen to because it tackles tough topics like mental illness, suicide, and drug abuse. But for those who can get through the difficult lyrics, this song will make you feel empowered and uplifted.

3. “Un Rato”


“Un Rato” is arguably the best song on this list. It has a sound reminiscent of their older, more pop-sounding songs, but it’s also refreshingly new. The lyrics are catchy and the chorus will be stuck in your head for days to come. “[I’m] waiting for my love, I’ll never forget [her], I’ll wait till you’re back in my life.”

2. “En Que Momento?”


In Que Momento? is the second song on Moenia’s album, Momentum. The song is about realizing that your significant other has been doing things behind your back for a long time and it’s finally come to light. The song starts with an upbeat rhythm and then quickly transitions into a fast-paced rock song with powerful lyrics.

1. “Manto Estelar”


This song was released on their first album, Manto Estelar. It is about the universe as a giant animal with a cosmic egg as its heart. The lyrics describe the journey of the light from the Big Bang to Earth and how it has shaped life on Earth. This song perfectly encapsulates Moenia’s early sound which was heavily influenced by classic rock.


Moenia is one of the most popular bands in Latin America. They have been at the forefront of the Latin Rock movement for more than 20 years, and they have an extensive repertoire of songs that have made them a favorite of fans all over the world. The songs on this list are some of the best from their repertoire, and it’s worth exploring their entire discography to find more gems.

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