The 10 Best Juice Newton Songs of All-Time

Juice Newton

When Juice Newton released her version of the song, “Queen of Hearts” in 1981, even Juice herself did not realize that it would be such a big hit. However, the song peaked at #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and became the highest profile rendition of the song. In our latest article on the top ten songs, we look at ten great songs from the New Jersey born singer who has had a glittering musical career that consists of five Grammy Awards. Here are the top ten Juice Newton songs of all time.

10. Queen of Hearts


This country pop song was written by Hank DeVito and was first recorded by Dave Edmunds in his 1979 album, Repeat When Necessary. The song was a moderate success until Juice Newton released her version of the song in 1981. Her version was the highest profile rendition of the song and was featured in her album, Juice. She first played the song live for a year before hitting the studio with Richard Landis for the production of her album. The song hit the top ten charts of a couple of countries including Australia, Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand.

9. Both to Each Other


The number nine song on our top ten countdown of the greatest songs by Juice Newton was recorded as a duet for the soap opera, Days of Our Lives by Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson. The song was later recorded by Juice Newton and Eddie Rabbit, who altered the title of the song to echo the final line in the song’s chorus. Despite the song’s arrangement differing a bit from the original recording by Loring and Anderson, the lyrics were the same.

8. Hurt

This song was originally performed by Roy Hamilton and contains numerous cover versions. However, the only version of the song to hit top spot on the US Charts is Juice Newton’s. The song became Juice Newton’s third #1 country hit and there is no doubt that her version was the best. For a cover done by legendary names including Elvis Presley, Juice Newton’s can be proud of the work that she put in thi song. Her vocals are amazing and the emotional interlude is unlike anything you will hear anytime soon.

7. Angel Of The Morning


Coming up next is a song that was covered by Juice Newton in 1981 and among many other covers of the songs, Juice Newton’s remains to be the best-selling and also the highest charting version. Juice Newton’s version peaked at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 and spent 3 weeks at the top of the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. The song sold over 1 million units across the US and earned Juice Newton a Grammy Award, though she never won it.

6. The Sweetest Thing (I’ve Ever Known)


This sweet song was written by Otha Young in the mid 1970s for Juice Newton. At the time, Juice Newton had distinguished herself for releasing chart topping songs and this one was no exception, peaking at #1 on two different charts. Although the song was original recorded in 1975, it was re-recorded by Juice Newton in 1981 for her album, Juice. The song peaked at number one on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart and number seven on the Billboard pop chart.

5. Old Flame


“Old Flame” was released in 1986 from Juice Newton’s album with the same name. The song was written by Reed Nielsen and it was Juice Newton in full country mode. The song had some incredible lyrics and it reached number five on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

4. You Make Me Want To Make You Mine


Coming in at number four is one of Juice Newton’s most famous songs which also happens to be another song from her 1985 album, Old Flame. The song was also responsible for garnering Juice Newton another Grammy Award nomination for Best Female Vocal Performance and what a great song it was. Her beautiful vocals shine throughout the song and it is one of those songs that you can listen to without ever getting tired.

3. Break It To Me Gently


The number three song on our countdown of the top ten songs is a steamy version of the song which was written by Joe Seneca. Both song versions were commercial and critical successes but it was Juice Newton’s song, which she performed at her 1981 national tour that captured the hearts of many people. The song peaked at #1 on the US Adult Contemporary and earned Juice Newton a Grammy Award for Best Country Vocal Performance, female.

2. Love’s Been a Little Bit Hard On Me


It’s incredible how many great songs that this woman wrote. This song was written by Gary Burr and was recorded by Juice Newton for her 1982 album, Quiet Lies. Juice Newton. The song has a video that shows Juice Newton’s emotional distress after she is physically injured by her lover in a number of accidents. Towards the end, the video shows Juice Newton performing in a hospital with his leg cast and suspended in the air. The song’s instrumental in the first minute is absolutely amazing and for a 1980’s song, “Love’s Been a Little Hard On Me” has an absolutely humorous video.

1. Love Is a Word


The number one song on our list off the top ten Juice Newton songs is the song “Love Is a Word” which is definitely my personal favorite song by her. The song was initially written by Otha Young before Silver Spur and Juice Newton recorded it for her self-titled album. “Love Is A Word” was Juice Newton’s first song to chart and it is the song that laid the foundation for her future success. The catchy tune charted at #88 on the US charts and what a great love song it was. The vocals and instrumentals of this song are tight and it is definitely a better song than most of her later songs that actually became big hits.

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