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METALLICA’s Kirk Hammett Interview for Drive-in Concert, Lou Reed and More

METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett reveals his thoughts about the music tours. He also talks about their band’s drive-in concert, Lulu album, and more.

S&M2 one of the biggest METALLICA projects and sold-out shows placed at San Francisco in 1999 and 2019. Their latest S&M2 concerts took place on September 6 and 8th, 2019. The project features 20 songs (over 2.5 hours of music) from the two-night event that opened San Francisco’s new Chase Center. S&M2 available on August 28th, 2020 on here.

Also, the band’s “Lulu” album polarized fans worldwide and band member’s Hammett calling it “That, to me, is a real accomplishment.”

During an interview with MarinIJ, Kirk Hammett reveals his thoughts about those projects and more:

His thoughts about Lou Reed and Lulu album:

“I have always been a big supporter of that album, even when all my friends are shaking their heads and looking at me going, “Bro, what were you thinking?” It was a real accomplishment as far as I was concerned. We were there to help Lou Reed fulfill his vision and I think we did that 100 percent. This was not a Metallica album and it was not a Lou Reed album.

It was Lou Reed and Metallica together, doing something completely different. It’s not for everyone. But “Junior Dad,” I think, is one of the best things we’ve ever been associated with, in terms of real art and literature and music coming together. That, to me, is a real accomplishment, just as much as “Ride the Lightning” is.”

Hammett also added:

He’s a really, really good rhythm guitar player. He had a good, solid rhythm pulse to his playing. He was really not into lead guitar playing, and he was really, really not into wah-wah. In fact, one time during a rehearsal, I set the wah pedal and he just walked up to the microphone and said, “Noooooo. No guitar solos. No wah-wah.” And I was blown away. (Laughs) He had his musical preferences. He had his musical boundaries. And he was not shy in letting us know what those preferences and boundaries were.”

Kirk Hammett thoughts about drive-in-concerts:

Question: “Those shows were Metallica’s last public performances before the pandemic brought the touring industry to a halt. Do those Chase shows feel like a lifetime ago?”

Answer: “They do. (But) last week, we filmed a special drive-in show that is going to be played on August 29 at drive-ins across the United States and Canada. It was the first time we played since those September shows and it felt so amazingly great and therapeutic. It felt just good to connect with the other guys – musically, physically, emotionally – in all the ways that we have been connecting over the years.

To be able to experience that again felt like we were maintaining some source of familiarity amidst all this unfamiliarity. We are going to try to make sure to use the rest of the year in a constructive way, even though we can’t really tour and it’s difficult for us to get together with our crew.”

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