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Marilyn Manson Recalls Ozzy Osbourne’s Interesting Personality

Marilyn Manson just talks about his inspiration Ozzy Osbourne. He also so upset about he can’t support Ozzy Osbourne on tour 2020.

BLACK SABBATH‘s legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne recently appears for the first time since his rehab. He looks still fresh and more rested. Normally, if there was no pandemic, Manson himself was joined to the tour with Ozzy again. But this can’t happen due to ongoing pandemic. And, Marilyn Manson‘s latest and 11th studio album were “WE ARE CHAOS” released on September 11th.

Speaking to Consequence Of Sound, Marilyn Manson recalls his inspiration Ozzy Osbourne’s interesting personality:

“It was very upsetting when I found out that Ozzy couldn’t do the tour and that he [had health issues], and that was before the pandemic hit. At the time for me, it complicated my plans because I wanted to put out the record in February or March, as it was already done. As it turned out, the tour would have been canceled anyway.”

I remember getting Ozzy’s solo album Blizzard of Ozz when I was in Christian school. My mother took me to get it at the record store when it was highly frowned upon and forbidden in Christian school. But I just remember that he had this strange mystique that he’s never really escaped from, despite the fact that he even had a reality TV show. Somehow his music outlived that. That’s something I would not have done ’cause I would never want to share my personal life on reality TV. But his music completely exceeds that, which I find to be amazing.”

Marilyn Manson added:

“I remember having a Shot in the Dark poster on my wall, in 10th grade I think, and it was so great to have gotten to tour with him and with Black Sabbath, as well. And he’s always been a very quiet and interesting person. We bonded over painting, strangely enough, at one point on tour.”

Marilyn Manson was released his new album, “We Are Chaos“, on September 11th, 2020 via Loma Vista Recordings. You can also watch the “We Are Chaos” music video below.

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