The 10 Best Alec Benjamin Songs of All-Time

Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin has for the past few years proved that pop music instrumentalism is not dead. With a great voice and an immaculate stage presence, Alec Benjamin always knows how to get his way into the hearts of teenage fans who are always singing their hearts out in his concerts and shows. Apart from singing, Alec is also a great guitar player who has covered numerous songs including Eminem’s “Stan.”

In one of his shows, Benjamin played the guitar for most of the show, but fans were surprised to find out that he could also play the piano. At this point, it was clear to many that Alec Benjamin was a very talented lad. He is capable of delivering raw emotion given a small chance of showing his talent on the keyboard, something that most modern pop artists cannot manage. The 27-year-old lad who hails from Phoenix Arizona, has amassed over 880 million Spotify streams and his hit song, “Let Me Down Slowly” reached top 40 in the charts of more than 20 countries.

His fallout with record label, Columbia Records is well known after he ended partnership with them two weeks after submitting his album. Alec Benjamin went on a self funded tour after the fall out and promoted his music by playing it in parking lots, and giving out business cards. His 2019 mixtape, Narrated For You peaked at #127 on the US Billboard 200, while his debut album, These Two Windows peaked at #75 on the same chart.

Alec Benjamin cites Eminem, Chris Martin of Cold Play and Jason Mraz as some of his greatest influences and although he still has a long way to go to achieve their success, he has shown massive potential. Here are the top ten Alec Benjamin songs of all time.

10. Mind Is a Prison

The number ten song on our list sees Alec Benjamin sing about thoughts that are stuck in his head and it is impossible for him to escape from them. The song shows how great a storyteller Alec Benjamin is in a song whose story can help us escape from hopelessness to enduring optimism in our lives.

9. Oh My God

Alec Benjamin released this song on 13th February 2020. In the thoughtful song, Alec Benjamin thinks about how things could be if he became too famous and forgot about who he once was and where he really came from. The song comes from his debut studio album, These Two Windows.

8. Gotta Be a Reason

The number eight song on our list of the top ten Alec Benjamin songs sees him narrate the tale of an army veteran who was traumatized by the death of his friend during a war and another story of a failed actress who turned to be a waitress to make a living. In both stories, the subjects eventually accept how things are and hence are able to move with their life well.

7. If I Killed Someone For You

Have you ever been so in love with someone that you would kill for them? In this song, Alec Benjamin expresses his deep love for his lover that he can do anything to keep things good with the love of his life.

6. Jesus In La

This song has a symbolic video that features Alec Benjamin as he walks through an Angelino night surrounded by many people but still feeling alone. In this autobiographical song, Alec Benjamin uses metaphor to tell a story of how he went to L.A hoping to find something that he didn’t see.

5. Water Fountain

The number five song on our countdown of the top ten Alec Benjamin songs sees him talk about a girl he had a crush on. As the title alludes, they had met at a water fountain. Unfortunately, he later finds out that the girl is taken by another guy. Alec, therefore, goes to the water fountain again and wishes that the girl was there with him.

4. If We Have Each Other

“If We Have Each Other” is the first song on Alec Benjamin’s first mixtape, Narrated For You. The song was a dedication to his sister, with Alec hoping that being in a suitable environment would help them cope. At the end of every verse, Alec concludes by reminding us that being there for each other is essential to overcome adversity.

3. Outrunning Karma

Alec Benjamin’s 2018 album, Narrated For You, was such a banger, and one of the most outstanding songs from the album is “Outrunning Karma.” With over 13 million views on YouTube alone, this song is a fan favorite. The lyrics are dark, and Alec Benjamin’s vocals make the song a great listen. If you want to convert any music lover into an Alec Benjamin fan, I recommend starting with this one.

2. Boy In the Bubble

The number two song on our countdown of the best Alec Benjamin songs contains one of the most influential music videos you will ever come across. Like the song’s lyrics, the music video also talks about loneliness and the aggression that is brought about by it. The song also has a catchy chorus that Alec Benjamin wrote intentionally to share his bullying experiences.

1. Let Me Down Slowly

“Let Me Down Slowly” is arguably Alec Benjamin’s most popular song. The song was referred to as his ‘vulnereable breakout hit’ by Billboard and was written after an experience with his girlfriend back in 2017. The song peaked at #79 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and it was his first Hot 100 hit song.

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