10 Awesome Walk-Up Songs for Softball

You may ask what is the big deal about choosing specific walk-up songs for softball players. However, you may never understand until you have seen how their mood changes upon listening to their pick. A good walk-up song should reflect a player’s personality and still relate to fans so they can give the player much-needed cheer for motivation. That said, here are ten awesome walk-up songs for softball you may have never considered.

10. One Little Victory by Rush

Players need positivity at the start of any game, and this song prepares them for the task at hand. Rush sang that they had another chance at victory which is precisely what a player walking up to a playing field has. There is a willingness to risk defeat but still hoping to turn that one moment into a celebration through scoring. The song’s fast beat can help pump up the adrenaline in a player, while the lyrics can intimidate the opposing team.

9. I Hold On by Dierks Bentley

For a player who holds fast to his values, “I Hold On” makes for a great walk-up song. Bentley sings about his father’s old truck, guitar, and even lover who has been with him for years yet he would not give them up for anything. Since walk-up songs are only a few seconds long, the verse about his belief in faith, love, and freedom that keep him going strong can have a great impact.

8. Hello My Name Is by Matthew West

This may be a gospel song, and most people would probably pass on it, but the beats are great as an entrance song. Then when you listen to the words, they become an anthem for any player who may not have had a good season before but is ready to have the best season of his career. It is an uplifting song, and since players usually need encouragement, the lyrics will do. According to MILB (https://www.milb.com/news/gcs-128611336) Kelby Tomlinson, a former professional baseball player, had this song as his walk-up song for years. His wife chose it for him as soon as she heard it on the radio.

7. We Right Here by DMX

This song can be chosen for the lyrics that are great for hyping up a player. A softball player who needs his confidence pumped up right before the game will find DMX’s “We Right Here” a perfect fit. The late singer released the song in 2001 of “The Great Depression” album. He talks about being the greatest there ever was and even if he is down for a while, he always bounces back.

6. Drink in My Hand by Eric Church

According to American Songwriter, the song’s inspiration did not come from a love for drinking. Michael Heeney, one of the songwriters said he barely drank at the time and Luke Laird did not drink at all. Heeney explained that Church had been on tour with Miranda Lambert. So, one day after his shows, they were energized by the fans’ reaction and they used that to pen down the lyrics. A player who wants to leave a lasting impression on the crowd will find the song a perfect fit.

5. Coming Undone by Korn

The song holds different interpretations for those who listen to it. Some believe it is about fighting depression and suicidal thoughts; others believe it is about going insane once you have reached your breaking point. For a softball player, the lyrics could mean doing whatever it takes to score. Apart from the lyrics, the beat makes it the right pick for players whose adrenaline needs loud music to keep it pumping. To such players, “coming undone” means unleashing their power on the field.

4. Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers

The song has an upbeat tempo that befits a walk-up song for a player who portrays enthusiasm on the field. Besides the consistent tempo throughout the song to encourage players to match that energy, the lyrics also help them put their best foot forward. With a line such as being addicted to the shindig, “Can’t Stop” is the ideal pick for a player with a larger-than-life personality. The inspiring lyrics are what every player needs to have a good start in the game.

3. Can’t Tell Me Nothing by Kanye West

This song was originally Jeezy’s and according to HipHopDX, he had only asked Kanye West for his input. Instead, West added a verse and changed the beat, and Yeezy ended up not releasing it. West included it as the lead single for his third album, and it was a big hit that bagged nominations. It talks about money, success, and fame, and it can be an entrance song for a player who reflects such a personality.

2. Lose Yourself by Eminem

The opening lines of the song are enough for a player to reflect on what he is about to do once he gets to pitch. Eminem talks about getting an opportunity and wondering if you will slip up or seize it. As a rapper, he describes the thoughts that go through his head a few moments before going on stage. The tension is similar to a softball player about to pitch, and the song can serve as a reminder to the player to give it all he got.

1. Thunder by Imagine Dragon

The song talks about a young man determined to achieve his dreams regardless of negativity and lack of support. He wants to be a big star and is not ready to conform to societal standards or give in to the pressure. The lyrics are based on the life of Dan Reynolds, who confessed that his bad days in high school and college motivated him to be where he is today. Besides the inspiring lyrics., the song’s beat can get the crowd to its feet, getting a player ready to hit the bat.

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