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Eminem Surprise Releases: Music to Be Murdered By – Side B’ Deluxe Edition

Eminem’s clearly been marked one of the most well known rappers in the world. Albums from Eminem have seen a certain kind of shift. It had become common knowledge about the happenings in the rappers life from love to drugs and everything in between. No stranger to talk about these things, these topics were also reflected upon within the rappers music. With that, we’ve ranked all of Eminem’s released in our all Eminem albums ranked list.

10. Revival

Revival is without a doubt the weakest and most-hated release from the rapper. The album was certainly an effort to return back to form after his drug use. With Eminem’s relapse, this was meant to be Eminem’s true return but failed at such. The album overall failed to prove a real change of sound for the rapper. Revival showed the rapper trying too hard and earned its placement as last on our Eminem albums ranked list.


9. Recovery

Recovery was yet another weak release from Eminem, but definitely carried over with fans a little better than Revival. This album is yet another page in the same story of Eminem trying to prove himself. It was no surprise from Eminem after a rapid downfall and return to form. However this album also didn’t make the greatest impression on fans which earned ninth on our Eminem albums ranked list.


8. Marshall Mathers LP2

The Marshall Mathers LP2 was one return to form that the rapper certainly succeeded at. Ultimately, Eminem channeled the same energy as the first Marshall Mathers LP. Rap God is the clear standout from this album that alone keeps the album away from the place place on our Eminem albums ranked list. Rap God helped define the rapper in the current state of music he has developed for himself.


7. Relapse

Relapse was Eminem trying to embrace his downfall back into drugs and summon the energy for new music. Filled with nonsensical bars and obscene themes, Relapse certainly had the same vibes as older music from the rapper. Ultimately though, Relapse was about 50/50 when it came to hits and misses as overall the album felt like it may have been too forced.


6. The Eminem Show

The Eminem Show is the true culmination of of the strangeness that always existed within all of Eminem’s music. The difference between The Eminem Show and previous record is the embrace of Eminem’s darker side but with overall a more comical tone. Eminem has always been a pretty constant mix of dark comedy and even darker, more serious themes but The Eminem Show was much less serious and much more out of this world.


5. Marshall Mathers LP

Marshall Mathers is obviously a very classic Eminem album, being his second full-length. Eminem’s popularity was already in full swing when this was released but this album featured some of the rapper’s most popular hits today. Marashall Mathers LP was truly an album that defined the artist in his younger years as a rapper but saw him embrace his rise to fame on the record.


4. Slim Shady LP

Slim Shady LP features some of the most raunchy and vulgar lyrics the artist has ever written but it became part of the rapper’s persona as he evolved his music and certainly added to Eminem’s ego. The most popular of Eminem’s older discography from his LP labelled albums, Slim Shady LP summed up everything the artist would grow to be.


3. Encore

Encore was the final album Eminem released before he went on his first infamous hitaus. Eminem ended the album with Encore/Curtains Down, and it seemed certain Eminem would be gone for good. Although years later we got Eminem back in full swing but Encore delivered just as heavy as what would be the final album from the greatest rapper alive.


2. Music To Be Murdered By

Music To Be Murdered By is the latest full-length from Eminem and certainly featured the rapper at angry point in his life. Eminem was finally sober and running from the rush and heat from Kamikaze and the Machine Gun Kelly feud. Eminem released his second hard-hitting album in a row post-hiatus. While no Eminem album was necessarily considered a concept album, but Music To Be Murdered By is definitely the closest thing we’ve gotten since the album carries a very specific murderous theme. On Eminem’s shop you can find a high-quality lyric booklet of Alfred’s Theme, a song from the deluxe edition of the album.


1. Kamikaze

Finally, at the top of our Eminem albums ranked list we have Kamikaze, which was certainly Eminem’s strongest album yet. The rapper got possibly the most hate he’s ever gotten in his life when this album released. Ultimately, Kamikaze is the most experimental the artist has gotten in a long time. Although the surprise album got hate from fans, the album was without a doubt the most focused the artist have ever been on a single album.

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