The 10 Best Adam Sandler Songs of All-Time

Adam Sandler

Although better known as an actor and stand-up comic, Adam Sandler also has a singing career included in his resume. From 1990 until 1995, he was among the cast of Saturday Night Live, one of America’s best-known variety comedy programs ever aired on television. In addition to becoming a big name on the stage as a stand-up comedian, as well as for his cheeky roles in a long list of Hollywood blockbuster movies, Sandler has five studio albums to his credit, along with two charted singles that reached the US Billboard charts. His first two albums, (They’re All Going to Laugh at You) and (What the Hell Happened to Me?) each earned double-platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). His third and fourth albums, (What’s Your Name?) and (Stan and Judy’s Kid), each earned gold certification. His fifth album, Shhh… Don’t Tell Me,

10. Oh Mom…


Featured on Adam Sandler’s 1993 debut album, They’re All Going to Laugh at You, (Oh Mom…) was a spoof single that was inspired by a scene from the 1976 horror film, Carrie. Of all the songs he ever produced, Oh Mom… was a more adult and dark brand of humor that was a departure from the rest of Sandler’s musical pieces as a performer.

9. Food Innuendo Guy


(Food Innuendo Guy) is what happens when Adam Sandler meshes the music style of Aerosmith with George Thorogood and makes a bluesy song out of it. This was the first song featured among the list of tracks recorded on Sandler’s debut album, sandwiched directly between two comedy bits that sum up classic Adam Sandler at his best as a stand-up comic.

8. We All Know a Guy


In his standup routines, as well as his 2018 100% Fresh comedy special on Netflix, (We All Know a Guy) is one of Adam Sandler’s signature songs that have become one of the favorites among his fans. Although the wording may change from time to time, the song still remains one of his best.

7. Like a Hurricane


Adam Sandler’s cover of (Like a Hurricane) served as one of the tribute songs featured on the 2009 Warner Brothers’ 50th-anniversary tribute album, (Covered, A Revolution in Sound). The original version was a 1975 Neil Young classic, which was one of the comedian’s personal favorites. In addition to his contribution to the tribute album, Sandler also performed his version of the song on one of The David Letterman Show’s episodes.

6. The Christmas Song


Although never officially put on any of Adam Sandler’s five studio albums, (The Christmas Song) was considered among the best he’s ever performed while still a cast member on Saturday Night Live between 1992 to 1995. For Sandler, who was born and raised in a Jewish household, singing anything related to a noted Christian holiday already spelled out a recipe for the brand of comedy Adam Sandler is best known for. Singing as the bad little Jewish boy who was destined to be ignored by Santa Claus and not just for religious reasons, Sandler was at his comedic best, at least according to four million YouTube viewers.

5. Secret


In remixed format, by E. Baez & Orange Factory, (Secret) was a number nineteen hit on the US Billboard Dance chart in 2004. The original performance came from Adam Sandler’s fifth studio album, Shhh… Don’t Tell Me. While the comedic original tells the tale only Adam Sandler can, the remixed version added considerable more beat to this comedic beat, which made it a dance club favorite, as well as earning it music chart recognition.

4. Lunch Lady Land


With over six million views on YouTube, this suggests (Lunch Lady Land) is one of Adam Sandler’s best-loved songs of all time. In the video, Chris Farley hams it out as the lunch lady whom Sandler sings about until the end of the song, which featured Kevin Nealon rushing in as Sloppy Joe to save the day.

3. Chris Farley Tribute


In 2018, Netflix aired Adam Sandler’s 100% Fresh stand-up comedy, in which scores of fans watched the cheeky comedian at his best on the stage. Along the way, he performed a musical tribute to the late Chris Farley, who was a fellow star of Sandler’s on Saturday Night Live from 1992 until 1995. The tribute song is among the best musical performances Sandler has ever done. On YouTube, the emotion coming from Sandler as he performs the song is evident enough to understand Farley is still missed to this day.

2. The Thanksgiving Song


In 1997, (The Thanksgiving Song) charted as high as number twenty-nine on the US Billboard Alternative Airplay chart and at number forty on the US Billboard Adult Top 40. The song is also referenced as Happy Thanksgiving and was a predecessor to his next hit, which also took a jab at a famous holiday that is heavily celebrated among Americans, regardless of their religious affiliations. The Thanksgiving song originally made its debut on Saturday Night Live on November 21, 1992, when Adam Sandler took a jab at one of America’s favorite traditional holidays.

1. The Chanukah Song


In 1996, (The Chanukah Song) became Adam Sandler’s first and best hit that realized chart success on the US Billboard charts. On the US Billboard Hot 100, the comedic single peaked at number eighty. On the US Billboard Adult Top 40 chart, it climbed as high as number twenty-eight and it was a number twenty-five hit on the US Billboard Alternative Airplay chart. It also became certified gold by the RIAA.

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