The 10 Best Blue October Songs of All-Time

Blue October

After surviving a downward spiral that would have killed him, Justin Furstenfeld, the lead singer of Blue October, has led Blue October to achieve what many bands would only dream of. With millions of albums and singles sales, the Houston-based alternative rock band are one of the best bands that I have personally come across. Although I might seem a bit biased by saying this since they have been one of my favorite bands, their realness always strikes me and their songs really hit home to all their fans globally. For this reason, the band has gained a cult following, and their shows have often been described as a “therapeutic experience.” We have come up with a list of the top ten Blue October songs of all time. Please check them out.

10. Say It


Starting us off in the tenth position is this underrated gem from Blue October’s 2009 album, Approaching Normal. What I love so much about this song are the words that sound so real, and it is incredible how Justine Furstenfeld does not get enough credit for how good a lyricist he is. When you add the instrumentals to his vocals, you also get to understand how deep the lyrics and the whole song is.

9. 18th Floor Balcony


Blue October’s 2006 album, Foiled, was a great album with a few flaws, but every song in the album was worth a listen. “18th Floor Balcony” happens to be the last track on the album, which saw the band continue their path of virtuosity. The song tells a story of how the songwriter fell in love with a girl who later committed suicide by throwing herself off from the 18th floor balcony. The song is quite beautiful and still captures our emotions 15 years later.

8. She’s My Ride Home


Have you ever found yourself in an unhappy relationship but met someone else who was also in an unhappy relationship, and you both kick it off only to find out that you are perfect for each other? “She’s My Ride Home” talks about how Justin fell in love with another girl when both of them were in different relationships. Later on, they decide to leave their partners and be together.

7. Sound of Pulling Heaven Down


“Sound of Pulling Heaven Down” is contained in Blue October’s 2004 album, Argue With A Tree… which was recorded live. There is nothing as amazing as seeing this band live and what an energetic song this one was. In addition, it also has a profound meaning, telling us how complete one can feel after finding that one person that you would do anything for. The lyrics to the song are ingenious, and its absolutely amazing how the band sing with a lot of passion.

6. Congratulations


The number six song on our countdown of the top ten Blue October songs is the track “Congratulations”, which sees Justin talk about how he went to see one of his exes who was also a best friend and finding her in a happy relationship with another guy. He, therefore, comes up with this song, telling her, “Congratulations.”

5. Overweight


Coming in at number five is the song “Overweight”, which comes from the album, Foiled. In real terms, Foiled was an album that turned out to be better than we had all expected. The song “Overweight” talks about addiction and features Justin asking for forgiveness. The lyrics are pretty deep, and the second line in the song always stands out. The song also contains some incredible female backup vocals and a classical guitar at the beginning of the song that adds to the song’s catchiness.

4. Fear


Justin Furstenfeld wrote this song after battling and conquering alcohol addiction. Once he got sober, he was in an upbeat mood and the lyrics of this song talk about all that he learned during the experience. According to the man himself, he got into alcoholism due to fear. He also added that he later realised that there was no room for fear in his life. The track “Fear” is one of the most profound songs about addictions that you will ever come across.

3. Into the Ocean


Coming in at number three is a song that perfectly conveys Justin Fursetnfeld’s feelings during his real-life battle with depression and suicidal tendencies. The deep lyrics give an account of who has jumped from a ship as he loses the fight to stay alive in the raging waters. Before he dies, he thinks about his loved ones before he drowns. The song takes a twist in the final verse as Justin reveals that the boy’s story was spurred by feelings of grief over the loss of a person he loved. The song peaked at position 53 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and the song was certified platinum by the RIAA.

2. Calling You


This song was released in 2003 as the only single from the band’s 2003 album, History for Sale. Before the song “Hate Me,” “Calling You” was the biggest mainstream hit by the band, peaking at #31 on the US Billboard Hot 100. “Calling You” talks about how your view of the world changes after you fall in love with someone special. The song contains a remixed version that was released in 2007, and the song was featured in the preview for the American drama series Zoey 101.

1. Hate Me


Coming in at number one is a sort of apology, which Justin Furstenfeld wrote to people close to him after overcoming his drug addiction and depression issues. When a person is at a low point in life, it is normal for them to hurt people close to them since they usually don’t care about their actions. This song was dedicated to his girlfriend, who was affected by his drug addiction problems. The song peaked at #31 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was certified platinum in the US. The song was also featured in the Playstation 2 game Singstar Pop which makes it arguably Blue October’s biggest single.

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