10 Awesome Songs about Brown Eyes

Van Morrison

Almost four out of five humans have brown eyes. As such, brown is the most common eye color by a considerable margin. Unsurprisingly, numerous artists have recorded and released songs related to this topic in some way. Chances are good that interested individuals are even familiar with some of them.

Here are ten of the best songs about brown eyes ever released:

10. “A Pair of Brown Eyes” – The Pogues

The Pogues were a Celtic punk band. That becomes more obvious when one learns that their name comes from the anglicization of the Irish phrase for “kiss my arse.” As such, it makes sense for “A Pair of Brown Eyes” to differ significantly from the other songs on this list. Interested individuals should know it features not one but two narrators. The younger individual is thinking about his ex, while his older counterpart is reminiscing about his wartime experiences. Suffice it to say that brown eyes don’t call up the same images for them.

9. “The Look” – Roxette

Supposedly, Per Gessle just put down whatever came to mind when he penned “The Look.” Despite this, it’s easy to interpret the song as an ode to a beautiful woman who can get the narrator to do whatever she wants them to do. “The Look” is notable for being Roxette’s first single to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100, though it wouldn’t be the last.

8. “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)” – Mint Condition

Mint Condition released this song as a single from their debut album, Meant to Be Mint. Its name is self-evident. Even now, this song stands as the R&B group’s most successful single, as shown by its number-six finish in the United States.

7. “Brown Eyes” – Lady Gaga

“Brown Eyes” was released on The Fame in 2008. Generally, people interpret the song as being about an unrequited crush. The narrator is interested in a man they have met. Unfortunately, he isn’t interested because he’s still fixated on his ex. Lady Gaga has said that “Brown Eyes” was based on personal experience. Given the lyrics, interested individuals should have no problem guessing it was devastating for her.

6. “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” – Crystal Gayle

Eye color doesn’t change for adults under normal circumstances. If it does, they should consult an optometrist because it’s a sign that something isn’t as it should be. That should be enough for people to interpret this song’s title as metaphorical rather than literal. Specifically, blue is used here as a symbol of sadness, which makes sense because Crystal Gayle was singing about heartbreak in this song.

5. “Brown Eyes” – Fleetwood Mac

“Brown Eyes” is straightforward. The narrator is interested in someone with brown eyes. However, they’re reluctant to start a relationship because they aren’t sure whether the other person feels the same way. The lyrics don’t go into thorough detail on why the narrator is like this. Even so, their wondering whether the person with the brown eyes is another liar is illustrative. Chances are good that the narrator is still hurting because of a past lover.

4. “Ebony Eyes” – Stevie Wonder

Ebony tends to be black. It’s so iconic that it’s a common choice of material for black chess pieces. Still, “Ebony Eyes” counts because black eyes are technically just particularly dark brown eyes. Several songs share the same name. This one comes from Stevie Wonder, who released it in 1976.

3. “Brown-Eyed Women” – Grateful Dead

Some songs are timeless. In contrast, others are set in a specific time and place. “Brown-Eyed Woman” is an excellent example of the latter because it’s unmistakably set during the first half of the 20th century. Many things suggest that bygone time and place. For instance, there’s a clear statement that the focus character, Jack Jones, once used an ox-drawn plow but no longer does so because the times have changed. The decisive evidence is the mention of bootlegging, which points to Prohibition. This song talks about imperfect people but is that much better because of it.

2. “Brown Eyes” – Destiny’s Child

Once upon a time, Beyonce was part of a girl’s group rather than one of the most successful solo artists on the planet. Of course, Destiny’s Child was a sensation in its own right, as shown by how Survivor sold more than 663,000 copies in one week despite the legal dispute over line-up changes that preceded it. “Brown Eyes” wasn’t one of the studio album’s four singles, but some people still remember it well. After all, a song describes a relationship so strong that the partners can see the love by looking into each other’s eyes. A situation that resonates with and is sought after by many people.

1. “Brown-Eyed Girl” – Van Morrison

Van Morrison is one of those musical colossi who have been around for decades and decades. For proof, look no further than how his signature song – “Brown-Eyed Girl” – came out in 1967. The lyrics describe the narrator reminiscing about a past relationship. It’s over, but it’s clear that he still thinks fondly of those times. “Brown-Eyed Girl” is an excellent reminder of how much times have changed. Those unfamiliar should know it was once called “Brown-Skinned Girl” because it’s about an interracial relationship. Morrison made it more subtle so that radio stations wouldn’t kick up a fuss about the whole thing. Funny enough, some banned his single anyway because of the line about how the couple used to make love outdoors.

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