The 10 Best Tyler Childers Songs of All Time

Tyler Childers

Tyler Childers is an artist with a unique musical style that combines Appalachian with folk and bluegrass. He’s a welcome newcomer on the music scene who broke through with his 2017 LP release titled “Purgatory.” His musical journal has taken him to the stages of The Ryman and Bonnaroo as his popularity has grown and the invitations for performances continue to roll in. He has amassed a large following of fans in the short time he’s been touring. Here are the 10 best Tyler Childers ongs as ranked by fans and critics alike.

10.”Country Squire”


According to The Post Athens, “Country Squire” is the tenth best song of Chiders’ career. It’s a tune that features a bluegrass theme with an uptempo beat. It describes how a man plans to fix up an old Country Squire trailer for him and his wife to enjoy. It’s a simple song about fixing up something old to make it useful. He needs to sell a few songs so he can afford the cost of materials though.

9. “House Fire”


“House Fire” is a simple song that talks about the emotional walls he has built up. He uses snow as a metaphor for the walls, combined with simple lyrics, an upbeat rhythm, and plenty of fiddle riffs to make it an exceptional dance number. This is a catchy tune that makes you want to sing along.

8. “Follow You To Virgie”


“Follow You To Virgie” is a song that makes us feel nostalgic about where were grew up. In the song, a man must return to the town he grew up in to attend the funeral of the grandmother of one of his lifelong friends. It’s about how the people in our lives help shape us into the people we are today. It makes us look back at the times, people, and places in our past that have been the most influential. Virgie is a community in Kentucky.

7. “Play Me a Hank Song”


“Play Me a Hank Song” is a tribute to the incomparable Hank Williams Senior. The tune is about how listening to an old Hank Williams Sr song can help when you’re going through a painful life experience. This is a brilliant song that is emotional and raw. It delivers high on the male and female perspectives in a relationship that is causing both people pain. Tyler puts this song over so well that just like Hank Senior, you can hear the heartache in his voice as he sings. It’s one of his most brilliant deliveries.

6. “Charleston Girl”


“Charleston Girl” is an uptempo song that features some hot mandolin licks to establish the beat. It’s a song about a trip that Tyler Childers makes that crosses the river into West Virginia. He tears it up at night and spends his time with a girl from the other side of the river who inspires him to booze and carry on. It’s about letting loose and having fun across the river from your hometown. This is a lighthearted tune, but the deeper meaning is that people can have a bad influence on us from time to time.

5. “Feathered Indians”


“Feathered Indians” is a song that features a more country theme about a man who only wants his girl to be the one who stays with him through good times and bad times. The focal point of the song is a Red Man belt buckle. The man sees that his reckless behaviors are not good for any potential relationship with the woman, and it talks about his willingness to curb his ways and start working on becoming a better man.

4. “Whitehouse Road”


“Whitehouse Road” is a more serious song that takes a look at the Appalachian regions’ social problems. It highlights the current substance abuse problems in the area, pointing out the damaging effects of drug use and partying. It tackles the thin veil of disguising these behaviors behind the notion of having a good time with friends, but it’s just a cover that doesn’t tell the whole story of how this lifestyle ruin lives. It’s a poignant tune about a problem that needs to be solved.

3. “Lady May”


“Lady May” is a song that Tyler Childers wrote for Senora May, his wife. The song is a tribute to her unending love and the way he sees her. He uses a great deal of imagery including the river and the hickory trees and talks about the qualities that make her so special. He compares himself to her and discusses how he doesn’t quite measure up to her. This is a beautiful and well-constructed song that helps the listener transport to different places with the singer.

2. “We’ve Had Our Fun”


“We’ve Had Our Fun” is a track from the “Bottles and Bibles” album. It’s about a man’s reckless and carefree lifestyle and how the good times must eventually come to an end. This song is about realizing that there is a time to sow your wild oats and enjoy an irresponsible lifestyle, but then there comes a time when it’s time to settle down and get down to the business of living life without partying.

1. “Shake the Frost”


“Shake the Frost” is the number one best song of Tyler Childer’s career so far. It’s a ballad that is highly emotional. It talks about letting your emotions out to those you love, even when it isn’t easy to do so. Shaking the frost is a metaphor for pulling down your walls to let those you love inside.

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