Motionless In White Releases Synthwave Edition of Classic “Voices”

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Earlier this week, we saw Motionless In White release a brand new rendition of their classic ‘Voices’ off of their 2017 album ‘Graveyard Shift’ and it sounds much different than something you’d expect to hear from Motionless In White. This track comes after their recently released sequel to ‘Creatures’ called ‘Creatures X: To The Grave’ and other previous singles like their cover of The Killers’ ‘Somebody Told Me’ and the “Another Life / Eternally Yours: Motion Picture Collection” EP, which includes cinematic (or for my fellow Motionless fans – Sinematic) versions of Another Life (featuring Kerli) and Eternally Yours (featuring Crystal Joilena) as well as instrumental versions of each song. So, how does the brand new Synthwave Edition of Motionless In White’s ‘Voices’ sound?

Motionless In Another Life

I have to say, I think that heading is probably the best pun that I’ve ever made. Anyway, this Synthwave Edition of Voices is really good; it brings Motionless in White into an entirely different era and takes listeners back to the 80s synthwave life. While I will always love the classic version of Voices, I have to say that I’m digging the Synthwave Edition. It’s much more of a relaxed version of the lyrically and musically heavy anthem, at least musically it’s a bit more relaxed – the lyrics, however, are still there and as powerful as ever.


A bit of background on the song itself, it’s actually closely related to another song on Graveyard Shift called ‘Loud’ which is inspired by Motionless In White’s frontman, Chris Motionless, and his experience with his workshops during the 2016 Warped Tour and the experiences that the people he met with and according to Motionless on the Voices & Loud Commentary, “really deep-seated thoughts and feelings that people felt comfortable to say which I thought was amazing that people felt comfortable to talk about these things around such a big group of people – I think that’s kind of a testament to the safe environment that we built around one another each day, and I got to connect with people in a way that I have never had an opportunity before through the band; you can only connect so deeply through social media.” So, Loud is the “energetic, uplifting, hope-inspired song that was born from the uplifting conversations and really great advices that many of the group members shared with one another,” but what about Voices? Well, Voices is exactly the opposite. “I think with Voices, there’s so much anger and desperation and pain within these lyrics” says Motionless, and it’s very evident that Voices is a much more anger-inspired song – it’s an anthem for everyone that feels like their voices aren’t heard.

I can’t stress how much I enjoy both versions of Voices, and while I do still enjoy listening to the original, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of listening to the synth in the new version. Motionless in White is currently working on their next album, which will be their follow up to 2019’s ‘Disguise’ and will also include plenty of heavy songs, according to Chris Motionless himself.

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