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DEFTONES Vocalist Chino Moreno Talks About the Deaths of Famous Musicians

DEFTONES frontman Chino Moreno talked about the deaths of famous musicians. He also realized that he inspired by their songs and albums.

After the band’s latest studio ‘Ohms‘ album. They also will release the White Pony remix album Black Stallion on December 11th. Chino also added for this remix project: “We’re gonna be releasing later in the year a reissue of the record. We’re going to do sort of a split side of the record, a remixed version of it titled ‘Black Stallion‘.”

After that, he recently joined the podcast program and talked about DEFTONES‘ latest album also including the writing process and the lack of special guests.

During an interview with Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown, Chino Moreno revealed his thoughts on the death of Eddie Van Halen, beer, vinyl, and other things:

“You know, I didn’t really recognize how great they were until I got a little older. I obviously heard their singles and stuff growing up in the ’80s, but I wasn’t really too into the Sammy Hagar era. But I went back and I listened to albums like ‘Fair Warning,’ some of the older records, and it sounds so good…

I mean, the production and just the sound of how warm and heavy those records are – really, really great. So it wasn’t until later on, maybe even in my late 20s, 30s that I started getting into him, but obviously loved him.”

He added which band label beer he loves: 

“I have, I tried a couple. I think I tried the Iron Maiden one, The Trooper, I think it’s more like a Pilsner, like, old-school German-style lager or whatever, and that’s good. I’m very much into more into very hoppy IPA sort of, that’s kind of what I’m drawn to.

There’s a few and Mastodon has made some great stuff as far as other bands. I kind of follow different breweries, like even when I’m on tour. Especially when we were on tour, that would kind of be my thing. I’d get into town in the morning, get off the bus, get on my bike and I’d ride around, especially stuff that’s local, and find different things. Same with record stores, that’s sort of my hobby.”

Moreno also said which beer his favorite:

“That’s a good question. It’s been a few other musicians that I’ve shared some beers with, I mean – always a Mastodon guy. We’ve obviously done some extensive touring with them, and the same thing. I wouldn’t say it’s the quantity thing, but I think I drank the best beers with them, especially Brann, the drummer.

He’s a pretty big beer connoisseur, so every time we get together. I’ll save something when I see him. This was like a variety kind of thing, so it’s kind of like, ‘Try this, try this.’ It’s always fun when you meet like-minded people in the world.”

You can also pre-order DEFTONES‘ latest album “Ohms” on here.

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