Ranking All The Songs from the You Got Served Soundtrack

You Got Served

There are few things in this world that get us as pumped up as a great dance movie. You Got Served is one of our all-time favorites; it’s been 15 years since the release of the cult classic film, You Got Served, and in honor of its anniversary we’re ranking all the songs from its soundtrack. According to NY Times, the movie follows the story of two rival street dance crews as they compete for a chance to win a grand prize and support performances from Marques Houston, Ludacris, and others.

14. Smile- Julie Roberts


This light-hearted little ditty -sung by Julie Roberts- is a song that should probably be accompanying a toddler learning how to walk for the first time, not an over-the-top dance music video. According to Genius, it’s happy, it’s peppy and it’s the kind of song you might hear pumping from an ice cream truck.

13. Happy- B2K


This song is the kind of track that is nice to have on the radio when you’re feeling down but wouldn’t be one you would actively search out. The lyrics don’t really make a lot of sense and it’s not a good dance track by any means, but it’s a fun song that would dance up a storm.

12. The One- ATL


This song just screams “I’m a part of the popular crowd.” It’s the kind of song that you would hear at a high school football game and it would get fans on their feet cheering. While we’re not big fans of this track, it’s kind of catchy and has fun beats to dance to.

11. Sprung- B2K


This is the kind of song you would hear blasting from a DJ chair as a crowd at a nightclub gets ready to move. The beat is super heavy and the track will have you feeling super energized and ready to dance. This is more of an EDM track that may go over well in clubs, but probably wouldn’t be one that would get fans up on their feet dancing.

10. Fizzo Got Flow- B2K


This song uses a sample from the Salt- n-Pepa song “Let’s Talk About Sex” and while the lyrics aren’t great, it is still a fun track that will get you and your friends dancing. The song is more of a club track that would play well in clubs, but probably wouldn’t be one that would get fans up on their feet dancing.

9. Happy- Jhené Aiko


This is a track that would definitely play well on the radio. It’s upbeat and dancey, but it’s not one of those tracks that get you up on your feet dancing. Instead, it will give you a good energy boost before you head out to the club or bar to dance up a storm.

8. Can I Get It Back- XSO Drive


This is a cool track, but it’s not one you would necessarily search out on the radio. It is a good dance song that fans will get animated and excited to dance to on the floor. However, it’s not one of those tracks that will get you up on your feet dancing as you need something more emotional from a song like this.

7. Ante Up- M.O.P.


This song is one of those timeless tracks that will never go out of style. It’s fun and pretty dancey, and it will get you animated on the floor as you dance to this track. For a song that was released in 2003, it sounds just as relevant today as it did 13 years ago.

6. Smellz Like A Party- O’Ryan


Although this song has a slightly awkward title, it’s still an energetic and fun track that will have you dancing on your feet. It’s a little hood, but a lot of fun to dance to. Plus -the twerk is strong in this one- so be ready to move those hips!

5. Streets Is Callin’- B2K


This is one of those tracks that, although it doesn’t have a ton of lyrics, it’s so much fun you won’t even notice. The track has a good beat and is super dancey, so fans are going to be on their feet dancing up a storm as they sing along to this track.

4. Out the Hood- B2K


This song hits on a lot of different elements. There’s a lot of singing, but there are also fun beats to dance to and samples that will have fans singing along. It’s a track that has all the makings of a classic hit and it will have fans up on their feet.

3. Do That Thing- B2K


This song is a different sound for the B2K crew and it’s one of their most memorable tracks. It’s fun, peppy, and super dancey, so fans will be on their feet singing along to this track.

2. Take It to the Floor- B2K


This is a track with a lot of great elements to it. There are solid beats that will get fans up on their feet, the lyrics are fun and easy to sing along with, and there is a lot of energy in the song.

1. Badaboom- B2K


This is another track that may not be one of the top tracks B2K has put out in the history of their career, but it’s still a really fun song to dance to. It’s not one of their most popular tracks, but it is definitely one of their most fun and peppy.


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