Ranking All The Songs from the Purple Rain Soundtrack

It’s been 38 years since the release of Purple Rain, and the soundtrack to Prince’s classic film still holds up today. The film is about The Kid, a Minneapolis musician trying to make it big, and the soundtrack features some of Prince’s most iconic tracks. Here’s a ranking of all the songs from the Purple Rain soundtrack.

16. Baby, I’m a Star by Prince and the Revolution (1984)


Baby, I’m a Star is the final song in Purple Rain, and it’s also one of Prince’s most iconic tracks. The song was released as a single in 1984, and it peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Baby, I’m a Star is a celebratory anthem about success, and it’s the perfect way to close out the film. The song is about The Kid’s journey to stardom, and it features some of Prince’s most impressive guitar work.

15. I Would Die 4 U by Prince and the Revolution (1984)


Prince writes this song as one of the most beautiful and simplistic tracks on the Purple Rain soundtrack. It’s a short track at just under three minutes, but it’s a perfect example of Prince’s incredible songwriting ability. The lyrics are beautiful, and Prince’s vocal performance is stunning. The song is also notable for its use of a talk box, which gives it a unique sound.

14. Purple Rain by Prince and the Revolution (1984)


“Purple Rain” is the title track from American musician Prince’s 1984 album of the same name, which served as the soundtrack to his film of the same name. Prince wrote, composed, and produced the song and featured The Revolution as his backing band. The song combines rock, R&B, and pop with a catchy hook and funky guitar riff. It is one of Prince’s most popular and well-known songs and is often considered his signature song.

13. The Bird by The Time (1985)


The Time is a song about flying high, the lyrics mainly focusing on the concept of being free like a bird. It’s a fitting song for the album, with its carefree and upbeat tone in contrast to some more ballad-like tracks. The song was released as a single in 1985 and reached number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

12. Sex Shooter by Apollonia 6 (1984)


The final track on the “Purple Rain” soundtrack is this sultry number by Apollonia 6, the all-female trio that Prince put together specifically for the film. “Sex Shooter” is a pretty classic ’80s synthpop song, but it’s brought to life by the group’s sultry vocals and Prince’s catchy guitar riff. It’s not the best song on the soundtrack, but it’s a fun listen.

11. Darling Nikki by Prince and the Revolution (1984)


“Darling Nikki” is a song by American recording artist Prince and the Revolution, from the 1984 album and film Purple Rain. The song caused controversy upon its release due to its explicit sexual references. It was ranked number four on Pitchfork’s list of “The 200 Best Songs of the 1980s”. The song is about a sexual encounter between Prince and a woman named Nikki.

10. Computer Blue by Prince and the Revolution (1984)


“Computer Blue” is an atmospheric, synth-driven song that sets the stage for the rest of the film. It’s one of the few songs on the soundtrack that isn’t directly about love or relationships but rather about Prince’s fascination with technology.

9. Father’s Song by Prince (1984)


Father’s song is the ninth track on Prince’s 1984 album, Purple Rain. It is a slow ballad in which Prince’s character, The Kid, contemplates his relationship with his father. The song starts with a simple keyboard melody before Prince’s vocals come in. The lyrics are sparse, and Prince sings about how his father never really wanted him and how he always felt like he was a burden. The song builds to a stirring crescendo, with Prince’s falsetto vocals backed by a gospel choir.

8. When Doves Cry by Prince (1984)


When Doves Cry was the lead single from the Purple Rain soundtrack. It was a massive commercial success, spending five weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart and earning Prince a Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance.

7. God by Prince (1993)


As the title suggests, “God” is a song about Prince’s relationship with God. The song is written in a very personal and intimate style, and Prince’s lyrics reflect his own spiritual beliefs. The song is also notable for its gospel-style singing and instrumentation, which gives it a unique sound.

6. The Beautiful Ones by Prince and the Revolution (1984)


The Beautiful Ones is the third track on Prince and the Revolution’s 1984 album Purple Rain. Prince wrote the song and originally intended it to be included on his 1982 album 1999. The Beautiful Ones is a ballad in which Prince croons about his love for Apollonia Kotero, the lead actress in Purple Rain. The song is notable for its gorgeous string arrangement, which Clare Fischer and his orchestra performed.

5. Possessed by Prince and the Revolution (1982)


Possessed is a song from Prince and the Revolution’s 1982 album, 1999. The song was written by Prince and was released as a single in 1983. Possessed is a dark and funky music piece, with Prince’s signature guitar work front and center. The lyrics are about being owned by love, and the song features a spoken word section in which Prince tells the story of how he was possessed by a woman he met at a club.

4. Modernaire by Dez Dickerson and the Modernaires (2008)


This was one of the few songs from the movie not sung by Prince but by actor Dez Dickerson who played his bandmate in The Revolution. Despite not being sung by the man himself, “Modernaire” is still a great song that would fit in perfectly with any of Prince’s other hits. It’s catchy, fun, and has a great beat that will keep you moving.

3. Take Me with U by Prince and the Revolution featuring Apollonia (1985)


“Take Me with U” is a song by Prince and the Revolution, featuring vocals from Apollonia Kotero. It was released as the third single from the album Purple Rain on September 16, 1984. The song was written by Prince and produced by Prince and the Revolution.

2. Jungle Love by The Time (1984)


If you’re looking for a song that will make you want to dance, then “Jungle Love” is a perfect choice. This track, performed by The Time, is one of the most energetic and fun songs on the Purple Rain soundtrack. It’s impossible to listen to this song without tapping your feet or nodding your head to the beat.

1. Let’s Go Crazy by Prince and the Revolution (1984)


Let’s Go Crazy is the opening track on Prince’s best-selling album Purple Rain. The song starts with a funky guitar riff and then launches into an energetic, synth-driven beat. The lyrics are written in a playful, tongue-in-cheek style and are full of sexual innuendo. The song is a party anthem and an instant classic.


The Purple Rain soundtrack is full of timeless classics that will get you moving. Whether you’re looking for a fun dance track or a soulful ballad, there’s a song on this album for you. So put on your purple raincoat and get ready to have a good time.

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