10 Best Northlane Songs of All Time

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Northlane is a band, that above all else is a unique ambient djent metalcore band. The ambience of the band has been present throughout almost all of their music. With each release Northlane explore the genres they represent with an ambient touch more and more as time goes on. Below, we’re going to rank the 10 best Northlane songs of all time in our list. Nearly the entire catalog of tracks from the monumental Australian band in the modern metalcore djent subgenre get attention here.

10. Rot

Rot comes from Northlane’s first release with their current vocalist and shows a departure from the band’s metalcore sound. This song also leans more into the experimental side of progressive metal. While Rot showcased Northlane’s new sound and the root they were beginning to take. It also showed the band would carry their core sound with them along with them. Rot earned its placement on our best Northlane songs list due to a sign of Northlane’s positive evolution.


9. 4D

4D was the breakout song from the album that helped to usher in the new electronic elements Northlane has added to their music. Compared to the band’s first release, it’s hard to believe it’s even the same band with their evolution of djent from then to now. While it still holds that ambience that Northlane has been known for, it also showcased how they’re still evolving and will continue to do so. Northlane has carried that ambience to this day and it’s assured with this song, earning its placement on our best Northlane songs ranked list.


8. Bloodline

Bloodline is another song, along with 4D, from the band’s 2019 album Alien. Alien, as stated earlier, features a newer electronic sound from the band not heard to this extent before. This song and album feature the older sounds and elements that Northlane has always included in their music but this time around their was a different vibe to it. Similar to when Northlane released the highly experimental Node.


7. Scarab

Scarab is one of the most aggressive, older Northlane songs showing a more violent side of the band we don’t see in the form shown too often anymore as the band has evolved. While the band doesn’t have their trademark ambient sound present too much on this song, it has a more ambient guitar sound as opposed to a production or electronic aspect. Scarab is one of the more interesting songs from Northlane, and surprisingly one of their heaviest, especially for the era of the band’s career it was released.


6. Clockwork

Clockwork is a one-off single released this year from Northlane, the song was named the official theme song of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege Oceanic Nationals esports league. At this point in the band’s career elements of their original music are clearly present as long as new tones of nu-metal and EDM.


5. Masquerade

Masquerade is one of the faster Northlane songs, with surprising guest vocals from Drew York of Stray From The Path. WHile this song already has thrash metal vibes to it, Drew York’s vocals add an entirely different dynamic to the song. Even without the vocal feature, Masquerade deserved its placement on our Northlane best songs list due to its raw progressive metalcore ambient power.


4. Refuge

Refuge is another interesting track from the band. While the track doesn’t come off as an evolution of sound but more of an exploration. This song is from a strange split EP between Northlane and In Hearts Wake that overall sounded like an In Hearts Wake album with some Northlane ambience thrown in there.


3. Quantum Flux

Quantum Flux is a song that defines the band’s signature djent sound, possibly more than any of track from Northlane. Although mostly a departure from the sound on their debut EP, Quantum Flux brought out the ambient elements of Northlane’s music. These elements were present in the band’s debut full-length but were explored much more on the album Quantum Flux is featured on, Singularity.


2. Crash & Burn

Crash & Burn is the most interesting Northlane song, without a doubt. The song was made with Australian Dj and producer PhaseOne. PhaseOne is known for his use of heavy metal elements in his productions. PhaseOne has also remixed Parkway Drive and worked in creating EDM metal blended music with The Black Dahlia Murder as well. Perhaps it was collaborations like this that inspired the band to take on their current EDM inspired sound.


1. Dispossession

Dispossession is the absolute breakout song from the band’s early career. At this point in the band’s career, they still had their original vocalist. While the band have now released more music with their current vocalist, this song certainly earned its placement as number one on our best Northlane songs ranked list.

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